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Going back to work
5 Replies
helen bailey - August 21

i am going back to work full time i am very scared that i may make my fibromyalgia worse. Does anyone have any pointers on this or have gone through the same thing?


JJ - August 17

Work related stress can cause a flare up of my fibromyalgia symptoms. But so can my teenage daughter at home. So I guess, no matter what you are doing, try to avoid stress, both emotional and physical. I actually work only part time because my body just gets too exhausted with full time work.


Dani - August 18

The last job I had was very stressful (dealing with unhappy customers), and I ended up having to quit because it was costing more in Dr. bills than I made-
I would just say be easy on yourself and not try to do it all when you get home from work- allow yourself to unwind and relax!
Good luck!!


wentley - August 18

customer service = HELL


TERESA - August 19

What kind of work do you do? I'm lucky enough to work for a wonderful boss that understands my illness! I find it helpful to not doing anything for long periods of time, ie sitting, standing, typing or moving files. I'm a bookkeeper in a tax office so I can break up my day doing different things. Stress is the big thing for me. I haven't been able to find a good way to deal with the stresses that come yp from day to day! I have to take days off, but my boss understands, thank God. I would also like to have any suggestions on how to deal with stress!


christian - August 21

you know i struggle with the same thing. I have not taken anytime off work but notice that the work is what stresses me out..and that = fibro fatigue..for me its all stress related.
i notice when im on holidays im fine..i go to thailand often and there i dont even think about fibro..but come back to afew weeks and i seem to get messed up again..sleep poorly and so on. For me its a stress thing..i wish i could get a hold on it!



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