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Going back to work
2 Replies
nikkihogg - March 12

Good morning all. I have a dilemma although don't we I am scheduled to go back to work at the beginning of April but am unsure if I can or should.
Somedays are better than others, but everyday I hurt. My job is in an Agricultural Office. I am a clerk. I do alot of computer work including receiving papers. During the busy season, I enter all the grain tickets into the system, apply them and print settlement checks to the producers. It is a busy job, but also one where mistakes can cost money. I also grade grain when it comes across the scale to the elevator. The problem is that the scale is upstairs(14 of them) and so is the washroom. I am frightful of stairs as my balance is usually off.
My brain functions only sometimes, and I seem to forget things that I normally wouldn't.
Any suggestions out there? I am desperately in need of advice. Thanks much, Nikki


Gabbie - March 12

Hi Nikki. I think you should return to you job and give it a try. I work part time in retail and spend much time on my feet, handle money and customers. Although sometimes difficult because of the fibro I really believe that "mentally" it is important to try to keep going. You didn't mention if your co-workers know about the fibro. Although you may not want everyone you see to know everything, maybe you would be able to tell the people that you work closely with . That means a lot especially if you have times when the fibro-fog rolls in so they won't think that you are "loosing it". You don't ever want to think "I should have, I could have" because of the fibro. Give it a try, and if it doesn't work out, you won't ever have any regrets about it. Good luck!


Fantod - March 13

Hello - Yes, that is a dilemma. I would hope that is a bannister for you to hold onto going up and down the stairs. If not, I would have your doctor write a note asking that one be installed for your safety. I would think that no bannister would be an OSHA issue as well. As far as memory issues go, try a supplement called phosphatidylserine. It is very good for memory. I'm sure you do not want to rock the boat but you are entitled to some accomodation under the ADA. Have you been completely clear with your doctor about your fears and limitations? While I think trying is never a bad thing; it is if you feel that it is not safe. Perhaps your employer would be willing to make some accomodation with the help of your doctor. Best of luck to you and let us know how you are doing.



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