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Glyconutrients Offer To Skidoo & Islandguy
3 Replies
GraemeK - September 18

To Skidoo & Isalndguy - I think that we really should call a truce in relation to this debate about multi-level marketing. At the end of the day my experience has shown that some of the very best health products are sold through multi-level marketing companies. These companies believe that the best form of advertising is by word of mouth - the people who get good results recommend them to other people and so the process goes on. Amway, Avon and lots of other companies have been operating successfully on this basis for many years and it is a legal way of conducting business. Yes, I agree that people should be careful in choosing the company and product that they go with, but this principle applies throughout life in general. As a gesture of goodwill to Skidoo and Island guy, to let you know how strongly I believe in the effectiveness of the sea vegetables and aloe vera product that my family is taking, I would like to offer you a free trial for a two month period. I will meet the cost of the trial but all I would ask is that at the end of the two months if you feel that the product has something to offer fibro people please let them know. I am just entering my fifth month on the product and after putting up with fibro symptoms for 25 years it just feels wonderful waking up each day and having no depression, no fatigue, no fibro fog, lots of energy and minimal soft tissue discomfort. !! As an ex-footballer, to be able to exercise on a regular basis again without flaring up my fibo symptoms is just terrific !! Also, I know that other fibro and chronic fatigue people here in Perth are getting the same results. So, let's just try and help other fibro people and point them in the right direction, so that they don't waste many years of their lives going from one docotor and specialist to another like I unfortunately did. Please take me up on my free trial offer Skidoo and Isalndguy, as I am a man of my word and I will follow trhough with what I have said on this posting today. If you would like to proceed with the trial then please contact me on my home email address which is: [email protected] Best wishes to you all for a healthy future - Graeme Knight


islandguy - September 18

Thank you for your offer.....I shall pass.


JJ1 - September 18

I have said this before, but I recommend caution when taking supplements and that you should first consult with your doctor. Even natural remedies can have interactions with other medications or may not be healthy for certain conditions. I know these are just sugar pills, but still, should a diabetic take them? Could there be other reactions? ---------------------------I do have a question for you GraemeK. After looking up glyconutrients on internet, I read opinions that our bodies are very efficent at converting sugars and that sugar supplements are not needed except by those with a rare genetic defect that doesn't allow conversion of sugar. But the article did mention that these conversions take place in the stomach. I suffer from Gastric Reflux Disease due to a hiatal hernia and have taken proton pump inhibitors for over a decade, currently on Nexium. I have wondered if some of my symptoms are due to poor nutrient absorption because the medication prevents production of stomach acid. I suffer from anemia which can be a side effect from prolonged use of proton pump inhibitors. Do you by any chance take medication for heartburn or acid reflux? I am wondering if a lack of stomach acid could affect the conversion of sugars. It could possibly explain why some could benefit from the supplement while others don't.


skidoo - September 18

Graeme, before arbitrarily sending glyconutrients to anyone on the internet you should alert them that anyone with diabetes should consult their doctor before taking glyconutrient products. Some of the glyconutrients products on the market are made from dried fungi or yeasts and people with allergies to these substances need to avoid these products. If they experience fast or irregular breathing, skin rashes, hives, or itching after taking any supplement they should call their doctor.



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