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Glyconutrients Are Great For Fibro !
27 Replies
GraemeK - September 12

I have had fibromyalgia symptoms since I was involved in a very heavy frontal collision playing Australian Rules football in July of 1982. My fibromyalgia symptoms over the years have included widespread soft tissue pain and stiffness, extensive skin rashes, tiredness, fatigue, depression and brain fog. Like most of you good people who tap into this website, I have seen many doctors and specialists over the years which has involved spending a lot of money with no tangible results! Well, I am pleased to say that for the last 18 months I have been trialing glyconutirent products and have found one which is getting amazing results for fibro sufferers. Glyconutrients are the essential carbohydrates which our body's cells need in order to function properly. There are 8 essential glyconutrients that scientists have identified as being critical for effective cellular function and communication. Unfortunately, due to the poor nutrient levels in the soils that our fruit and vegatables are grown in, the very best of western diets is only giving us 3 or 4 of the 8 glyconutrients that we need for our bodies to be healthy. Several studies have linked a deficiency of these glyconutrients to auto immune illnesses (of which fibro is one), diabetes, heart disease, cancer and ADHD to name a few. Based on my experience to date, the glyconutrient product I would recommend that fibro people try is a combination of sea vegetables and aloe vera in a liquid form which the manufacturer claims is 98% absorbed by our bodies. The earlier glyconutrient product that I tried last year was in a powdered form in a capsule but this was nowhere near as effective as the liquid product that I am currently on. In the four months that I have been using this wonderful product, I have noticed that I no longer have any tiredness, fatigue, or brain fog, and In fact I have a good supply of energy during the day ! Also, I now only have very low level muscle pain and no soft tissue stiffness to speak of. In additon, my daughter, who has chronic fatigue syndrome (the sister illness to fibro), has made significant progress with her condition over the same period of time ! The sea vegetable and aloe vera product is available in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The manufacturer's website is: For testimonies from other fibro and chronic fatigue people who have used this product with success please go to: In addition, if you put the word glyconutrients in to the Google search engine you will find a whole lot of information for those who like to do their research carefully. Finally, if you decide to proceed in giving this excellent product a go (and I highly recommend that fibro people do), the company offers a 45 day money back guarantee, so financially you've got very little to lose by trialing it. To obtain the product you will need to state my Australian Life Force Member number which is 20652944. If anyone has any questions in relation to my experience in using this product please feel free to contact me on our home email address: [email protected] Good luck everybody - Graeme Knight, Perth, Western Australia


skidoo - September 14

ah, another product sold under a multi-level marketing scheme. Fibro sufferers provide such a great market for these "natural" products since it is an illness that is so difficult to treat. We get desperate and are ready to try anything and in that despeartion we have hope that something will work. The slightest twinge in improvement after a natural remedy and alas we have a CURE!!! But, could it be that enough time has passed to heal our aches and pains? the stressor that caused an eruption of our symptoms has passed? or is it a placebo affect we are so desperate for a cure?


GraemeK - September 15

I am very disappointed with your cynical response skiddo ! If you check the records on this website you will see that I have been trying to make positive contributions to help people with fibro for some time now. While I have had FMS for over 25 years I have never, ever given up hope that some day I will find something that will significantly help with this wretched medical condition. ! I would ask you to try and adopt the same attititude and you might actually be able to make some progress with your own illness ! Put simply, with autoimmune health problems like fibro and chronic fatigue, we get sick at the cellular level. Good glyconutrient products, like the sea vegetable and aloe vera product my daughter and I are taking, over time get in to our body's cells and heal us. Once again, I will state for the record that the results we are achieving to date are very impressive and we will be taking this product for the long term. Finally, I would like to say to anyone reading this posting please don't ever give up hope in relation to finding a solution for FMS and don't waste too much time with mainstream doctors and specialists - they have never been able to provide me with any effective means of treating FMS in the 25 years that I have been putting up with this medical condition ! Best wishes to everybody for a healthy future - Graeme Knight


islandguy - September 16 this a multi-level marketing scheme as suggested by skidoo?
If it is ..... shame on you for using this forum to line your own pockets. Everyone would like to see some relief for FMS but I think we need to leave it to the pros and not the "snakeoil"!
You state --- Finally, I would like to say to anyone reading this posting please don't ever give up hope in relation to finding a solution for FMS and don't waste too much time with mainstream doctors and specialists - they have never been able to provide me with any effective means of treating FMS in the 25 years that I have been putting up with this medical condition !
On this subject you speak for yourself and you state that you should not encourage anyone not to waste time with mainstream doctors and specialists.
Do you honestly think that the intellectual public thinks that you have the cure....... yikes.....
Not me !!!! I think I will stick with the doctors, specialists and researchers.
You should use the forum as intended and not for personal puts the intelligent off !


skidoo - September 16

Do a little "google-ing" for glyconutrients and their multi-level marketing co. Mannatech. Quite some controversey. Lawsuits. False claims (one doc in Austrailia claimed it even cured Down's syndrome, a genetic disorder, no less and was sued for fraud).


skidoo - September 16

Texas Attorney General files a lawsuit against Mannatech and their Glyconutrient product claims
July 2007 - Greg Abbott, the Texas Attorney General has charged Mannatech, Inc., its owner, Samuel L. Caster, and several related entities with promoting an illegal marketing scheme that encourages consumers to believe that its products are effective against many serious diseases. The court will examine Mannatech’s dubious claims about the health benefits of its products. The following are some of the charges mentioned in the complaint:
"Mannatech claims scientific validation from the field of glycoscience, which is the legitimate study of the structure and function of sugars."
"Mannatech claims that its proprietary products' main ingredients, glyconutrients, enhance the body's cell-to-cell communication and improve overall health."
"Mannatech encourages the use of testimonials and various sales aids to suggest that the products dramatically cure or treat serious illnesses."
"In fact, the company's health claims are not supported by legitimate scientific studies."


skidoo - September 16

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott accuses Mannatech of violating the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, which provides civil penalties of $20,000 for each violation and the Texas Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, which can have penalties up to $25,000 per each day per violation. He claims, "Texans will not tolerate illegal marketing schemes that prey upon the sick and unsuspecting," Attorney General Abbott said. "Aided by an army of multi-level sellers and their fictitious claims about its products, Mannatech has aggressively marketed supplements to countless unwitting purchasers. With today's enforcement action, the Office of the Attorney General seeks to shut down an elaborate scheme to defraud innocent consumers across the nation." Documents filed in Travis County district court reveal Mannatech's scheme to exploit families, including those challenged by cancer, Down's syndrome, cystic fibrosis and other serious illnesses. For more info, see


islandguy - September 16

Skidoo, to use your quote from the attorney general: "not tolerate illegal marketing schemes that prey upon the sick and unsuspecting."
Bingo !!! Nobody in this forum or any other that deals with serious syndromes or conditions should tolerate people preying on the sick and unsuspecting.
Let's all be aware and not buy false hopes from marketers that are there for one reason only. PROFITS !!!


GraemeK - September 16

Skidoo - Your analogy of using law suits about Mannatech is about as relevant as saying that you won't buy fuel for your car from Caltex because you have read about some law suits against Shell . . . totally irrelevant - they are two different companies !! I am sure that you won't find any "dirt" on the manufacturer of the sea vegetables and alloe product, Life Force. While using this product over the last four months I have carried out my due diligence checks in relation to the company and have found it to be first class in relation to honesty, integrity and quality of product. Anyway, at the end of the day it really doesn't worry me if cynics like skidoo and islandguy don't give this product a go. My comments are directed towards the readers of this forum who genuinely want to improve their health condition and move on with their lives in a more positive way. To those people please have the courage to try something different . . . you might just be pleasantly surprised like my daughter and I have been !! Once again, best wishes to you all for a healthy future - Graeme Knight


Debra4Real - September 16

Hello: I had ordered 6 bottles of Glyconutrients it was a special order price of $299.00...I took a bottle to my Doctor and she sent it to her lab and then informed me that i wasted my money and that the pills were just sugar and some other stuff that would never benefit anyone..Its so hard to trust anyone or anything as it seems even some Doctors will take you for all youve got as well..Be careful out there and know that one day a cure will hit the news and we will all know about it ...Dont waste youre time talking back and forth about this product move forward to get proper care for yourself from someone that puts in writting that they can and will help you..Take Good Care....Truly Debra


GraemeK - September 16

Hi Debra - I guess the lesson that comes from this is that all glyconutrient products are not the same and the buyer should beware. The sea vegetables and aloe vera product that we have been using was formulated in the USA around 25 years ago, so in deciding to use it were happy that it had stood the test of time. It is not some new "faddy" product that someone has put together to try and capitalize on the glyconutrients bandwagon. Anyway, I have decided to withdraw from any further debate on this topic as arguing with the cynics is counter productive to the wonderful lifestyle that I am now enjoying. I have genuinely tried to reach out and point people in the right direction based on my experience and results that I know other people have received here in Perth by using this amazing product. Best wishes to you all - Graeme


skidoo - September 16

Life Force International is a multi-level marketing company that sells glyconutrients. The reason you gave your life force numbers is so that you can profit from any sales you get as a result of your above posting. The company you are selling for is different, but the scam is the same.


skidoo - September 16

Glyconutrients by Ray Sahelian, M.D. An Honest Discussion Regarding ' Glyconutrient ' Products
"I start suspecting that there is something not right about the promotion of a product - such as glyconutrients - when the meaning of the word is so ambiguous, and the word glyconutrient is created by a company that sells through multilevel marketing channels. There is hardly any mention in the medical literature regarding the term glyconutrients or glyconutrient supplementation and its effects on human health and cancer prevention and treatment, yet the internet abounds with websites promoting the products. I can only find two articles on Medline mentioning the term glyconutrients. Both of these studies have been done in vitro - basically a test tube study - as opposed to a live human study, and one study appears to be a fraud."


skidoo - September 16

more Dr. Sahelian "To me, the word glyconutrient has no scientific meaning and only serves to confuse matters. What if I made up a term called "aminonutrient" to refer to amino acids and then claimed that "Eight aminonutrients are lacking in the diet and should be obtained as a supplement"? How would this help explain anything or advance scientific knowledge? What if I created the term "liponutrient" to refer to fatty acids and then made a claim that "Eight liponutrients are lacking in the diet"? How would the word "liponutrient" add to our understanding of fats and lipids? Everyone on this planet has a different diet. Some eat a lot of protein, others eat a lot of carbohydrates, and there are diets that have every variation in between. How can anyone make the general statement that "Eight essential sugars are missing in the diet." Who came up with the number eight, anyway? Why not four, or nine, or forty-one? "


skidoo - September 16

one more, take note of last sentence. "There are hundreds of different glyconutrients and glyconutrient combinations in a variety of different dosages (assuming scientists agree on the definition of a glyconutrient or even feel the need to use such a term). We have no idea on how these interact with each person's immune system. Some people may benefit by taking a glyconutrient supplement while another person may find it harmful or get a side effect. To complicate matters further, there could be a short term benefit but, prolonged use could lead to overstimulation of the immune system and could potentially reverse any initial benefit. The whole issue of glyconutrient supplementation is very complicated and if you hear of promotional material that makes it appear simple, be skeptical. I suggest you be even more skeptical if you hear of cure all promises and endless testimonials that tout the benefits of glyconutrients. Most of the time testimonials are made up by the marketers selling the products. " (to quote from GraemeK .. "To obtain the product you will need to state my Australian Life Force Member number which is 20652944." nuff said.)


skidoo - September 16

Sorry, have to add this from UC Berkely Wellness website. "Q: Can so-called “glyconutrients” boost immunity and cure illness, as claimed?

A: There’s no convincing evidence that these supplements enhance the immune system, let alone fight AIDS, colitis, diabetes, high cholesterol, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, or any other medical condition.

Sold primarily by the supplement manufacturer Mannatech under the product line Ambrotose, glyconutrients contain eight monosaccharides (that is, simple carbohydrates, or sugars). Mannatech alleges that because of soil depletion and overprocessing, our diets are lacking in all but two—glucose and galactose—of these sugars.

You may be surprised to know that sugars are not just “empty” calories but do, in fact, play an essential role in many biological functions, including cell-to-cell communication and immunity. There’s actually an emerging and important field of science, called glycobiology, which explores the function of carbohydrates in health and disease. But glyconutrient marketers take a big leap when they say that consuming sugars in supplements has health benefits.

First, we are not deficient in any sugars. Our bodies are able to convert the sugars in foods (such as fruits and vegetables) from one form to the other forms as needed. There is no evidence that toxins, stress, drugs, or other factors interfere with the conversion process, as the marketers claim. Nor is there evidence that relying on our bodies to create the sugars instead of ingesting them in food or supplements causes any problems.

Marketers provide long lists of studies that supposedly support the use of glyconutrients for all kinds of medical conditions, as well as for general health. But these are unpublished conference presentations, anecdotes, and lab or animal studies, or they are from obscure journals of questionable reputation. We could find no well-designed research showing health benefits of glyconutrient supplements. Don’t waste your money on these expensive products.

Keep in mind: Glyconutrients are sold primarily via multilevel marketing. If you buy the product, you can become a distributor and then sell it to your friends and relatives, who sell it to their friends, etc., with profits passing up to the top of the pyramid, at least in theory. Such marketing often involves questionable practices and dubious health claims. Indeed, Mannatech is being sued by investors on such charges. "


GraemeK - September 16

Dear Readers - While in an earlier posting I said that I was withdrawing from any further debate on this topic, I feel a final need to respond to skidoo's latest input. The first thing that comes to mind is while skidoo is busy knocking multi-level marketing companies that sell nutraceutical products to generate a profit, does he or she think that the pharmaceutical companies are run on a not for profit basis and only have the best interests of sick people at heart? If this is the case then skidoo needs to have a close look at the obscene pofits that these companies generate each year through people's illnesses!! Over the 25 years that I have had fibro, doctors and specialists have prescribed for me predniscilone, bruffen, amitriptyline and celebrex in order to help me with my FMS symptoms. You can bet your boots that in taking my hard earned cash for these drugs the pharmaceutical companies and drug stores where I bought them from were not only recovering their costs but making a healthy profit margin as well !! Skidoo seems to ignore the fact that the whole purpose of setting up a business in private enterprise is to use resources (land, labor, capital and enterprise) to generate a profit. One final story in my fibro journey which the readers might find interesting is that in 1996 I can recall going to see my general practitioner and he said that there was a new drug on the market that had been thoroughly tested called celebrex, and that he wanted to take me off bruffen. The doctor explained to me that celebrex was an effective anti-imflammatory that didn't have the side effects of bruffen and could be taken quite safely for the long term. I took this drug for around three years and then went off it as I wanted to find a safer, alternative anti-inflammatory. Anyway, to cut a long story short, celebrex was withdrawn from the market around three years ago as they found out it was causing deadly strokes and heart attacks amongst some users!! So much for the clinical trials conducted by mainstream medicine !! I'll be sticking with the nutraceutical product that I am currently on for the long term. For anyone who may not be familiar with the word nutraceutical it means healing through nutrition, rather that healing through drugs which is what the pharmaceutical industry is concerned with. That's it from me. Best wishes to you all for the future - Graeme



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