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Glyconutrients - Yes, Speak To Your Doctor
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GraemeK - September 19

Skidoo - I think that your advice to the readers in relation to consulting a doctor before taking glyconutrients is very good, especially if they have complicating problems like diabetes. In fact ,when I first started trialing glyconutrient products last year, I made sure that I showed the ingredients to my GP when I went to see her to obtain a sick certificate for work when I had the flu. She and her husband are young GPs (in their 30s) and she was quite open to me testing glyconutrients in relation to my fibro problem. Could I suggest that if any of the readers are considering giving glyconutrients a try, that they choose their doctor who they obtain advice from very carefully. Over the 25 years that I have been on the fibromyalgia medical merry-go-round, I have found the younger GPs, while very well trained, are more likely to be open to people trying alternative treatments. The older doctors, based on my experience, tend to be more one dimensional in that they only prescribe drugs for people's symptoms and either don't understand or don't want to understand alternative treatments that may be highly effective for their patients. Also, the reputable companies that manufacture good glyconutrient products will have nothing to hide and you should be able to obtain a complete list of the product ingredients from the company's website that you can take with you and show to your GP if you have any concerns. At the same time, the good companies will have a product guarantee that they will stand by if the user does not get a satisfactory result. Before I started using my current sea vegetables and aloe product, the first powdered glyconutrient product that I tried had a money back guarantee that I was ble to put to the test. After giving this product a decent trial, I was not happy with the result I received and I applied to the company for a refund and I got my $750 Australian back !! I was really impressed with this. Anyway folks, good luck in your search for improved health. Best wishes - Graeme Knight



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