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Gluten Free Warning!
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January - May 22

I get on the phone and call companies to ask about their food. I maintain a strictly gluten free diet to keep myself feeling well. It has helped a LOT with fibromyalgia pain. Stay away from gluten - stay away from pain. My rheumy says he hears this from other patients too.

I found out some information from a large food company, and it is: when you're reading the ingredients on any processed food, if you see the words "flavoring," "spices," or "coloring" -- those foods are not gluten free. I was told that these nonspecific words indicate that the company buys things that are probably contaminated from other places. Apparently, it's these specific words you have to be careful of. If the package says "garlic" or "salt," for example, you are probably OK.

It's worth doing some research on Monsanto and GMO to see what is happening to our food supply, which is terribly broken and getting worse all the time. I read there has been a 400% increase in food allergies.

For me, going on a very limited, strict gluten free diet helped my fibromyalgia pain a lot - but it took me a year to really feel better. Gluten problems are genetic and are linked to diabetes (which ran in my family). Lactose intolerance is also linked, so I have been avoiding milk. When I went gluten free, my blood tests improved in many ways, so that was my evidence. I diagnosed myself and went on the diet, then I took my history and my blood work evidence to a celiac specialist and he "officially" diagnosed me. I had asthma and severe allergies most of my life, and no doctor ever thought to check me for celiac disease!!

Now, I'm starting to wonder what there will be available for "sensitive people" to eat in ten more years, because the big food companies are changing the very DNA of the foods we eat. This year, Monsanto is selling a new type of GMO (genetically modified) corn -- and it has been shown to cause organ failure in lab tests on animals!

If anyone has the time or the energy, please get involved in learning about processed food and its horrible effect on the nation's health. If we all start writing letters to the government, calling companies to complain, and refusing to buy food that isn't worth the medical bills it causes -- maybe we can make a difference. Most packaged food has a toll free number on it. If you have a question or if you have a bad reaction, CALL THE COMPANY. It costs you nothing but a few moments of time.

Bon appetit!


Jocelyn - May 22


Thank you again for all the information you provided. I continue to stay on a gluten free diet and I hope within time I will see a big difference. My stomach already feels the difference as the stomach aches have gone away.

I am hoping the body pain will be helped too. Since I am doing better, but am still working with a PT it is difficult to figure out which one is helping the most. Time will tell because I won't be going to the PT forever.

Again Thanks and Bon Apetit to you too!



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