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Glueten Free and Soy Free diet
6 Replies
Jocelyn - April 24

Well, not to many people continue to write about the same thing each week. But I feel my online friends seem to be my push to make me carry out my diet each week. It seems their encouragement has helped me so much. I am starting on my third week and I have manage to stay on this diet 98 percent. I only had to cheat a little at a bridal shower. But for the weeding I have ordered a gluten free diet.

So far, my asthma is still doing well. Secondly, my muscle are starting to feel better and I have been waling and have a good time, not always without pain, but with less pain. I am starting to be able to take my dog on long walks which I haven't done for years I'm hoping this is going to continue. And hoping things will continue to get better. Thanks for all listening.


kvc33 - April 24

Good for you, Jocelyn. Don't overdo it with the physical activity at this point. Also, realize that your body is going to need to detox from the foods you were eating and you may feel worse both physically and mentally at times. Drinking lots of pure water is also important. Stick with it!


Jocelyn - April 24

Thank you kvc33,

I sure am sticking with it and I agree with you and I am taking the physical activity slowly. I am also drinking lots of water too! I want to detox myself from everything I have been eating. I just finished taking care of my grandson on his school vacation for 2 days. He is 6 and he slept over. On his last vacation in February, I barely made it through the two days, but this time, I made it so much better. Not pain free of course, that is still far far away and may not be possible to reach, but the improvement is there, I can feel it. I am not silly enough to believe there won't be any set backs, because I know there will be, but at least I now know that I can make it back. Last year I wasn't sure that would happen. So...this is a positive for me, as we will all say, at the moment!

Thank you for your continued support!


January - April 29

Glad the gluten free diet is helping you! It really helped me a LOT. You have to learn not to cheat though, because if you have a serious tolerance, even 1/8 of a tsp. of gluten will inflame your intestine and it will take a couple months to heal.

I just did another experiment with oatmeal - gluten-free oatmeal. (There is some controversy as to whether oatmeal should be avoided on a gluten free diet. Some say oatmeal is okay for us.) I have my answer - again - for ME, anyway. I ate a small bag of "gluten free oatmeal cookies." I have had my old symptoms of severe insomnia, brain fog, neuralgia, rashes, headaches and depression. I'm so mad that I gave it one more try to see if it "really" bothered me. Yes, it really does. No more oatmeal for me, and I don't care what "they" say about oatmeal being "not a problem" for us gluten sensitive folks - it is definitely a problem for ME.


Jocelyn - April 29

I agree with you, cheating can no longer be an option. Over the past three weeks, I cheated only one time, of course having just started the diet, I didn't notice any stomach problems, however, I do agree with you that if I continued, I certainly would react, even if it were only a small amount.

The exciting news this week is... I notice a small patch of eczema that was on my back for years is now completely gone away! I was so excited I even called my husband over and said, look over my back, tell me if you see any eczema, and he said, nope there is nothing there! I have had that spot for so many years, I don't remember how long it has been there. It is now completely gone.

During the height of the pollen burst, my asthma has been very good. A lot better than before and still getting better.

My cousin took me out to eat yesterday, and I stayed right on track and kept it gluten free, it was awesome! more cheating for me either.

I am glad to know that the oatmeal is not safe. I was tempted to try it again, but decided against it because of what I had read about it. I am sorry that you ended up not feeling well after eating a cookie, but I so appreciate you letting me know. Now I know I will not eat anything oatmeal! I hope you are feeling better now.

How long does it take for the side effects from this oatmeal to leave your body? This is just a curiosity question.

Stay well and keep in touch!


January - April 30

Hi Jocelyn -- I confess, I ate more than one! Over two days, about 10 cookies. This was a huge load of oatmeal, so I had a bad reaction!! I don't get a Gi upset, which is all doctors ask about - but I never got stomach problems from gluten. I was OK for a day or two while eating the oatmeal. Then I got completely exhausted, with insomnia, plus needing lots more sleep than normal, brain fog, headaches, feeling irritable and depressed, and, in general, just "out of it." Bad memory, dumb mistakes. This is still going on a week later. Plus...

I had skin breakouts which I normally don't get. And something that is "diagnostic" for celiac disease - it's called angular cheilitis or perleche. If I yawn, the skin at the sides of my mouth splits open, and then I get red, inflamed areas at the corners. I use Neosporin and cortisone cream for it. Haven't had this in several years! It only happens when I have a reaction to gluten.

When I first started learning about gluten intolerance, I was being overmedicated with antibiotics due to repeated surgeries. Perleche was a problem for me at that time - I went to the dermatologist, and got creams, but no one told me that it was a classic sign of celiac disease! The doctors didn't know! The way to cure it is to stop eating gluten. I learned that in my reading. My dentist even told me that my gums looked much healthier after I went gluten free, and, based on that, HE believed me! If you're sensitive to gluten, it would make sense that it irritates your whole mouth!

Glad to hear your asthma is better! It also seems that skin rashes or breakouts of various types happen to people with gluten intolerance - so if you stay gluten free, this may be the end of your eczema. I can remember as a child getting itchy red patches around my lips -- the doctors never knew what caused it. They are SO ignorant about celiac disease. 97% of us are undiagnosed! I figured it out myself in my 50s, after a lifetime of health problems, mostly due to gluten! I've been on a crusade to educate people about gluten, it made such a difference for me. But most doctors are still clueless, and testing is not very accurate. Stick to the diet for a year, and you'll know because you will feel so much better! I hope your muscle pain resolves too - mine did!


Jocelyn - April 30

Wow, when you cheat, you really cheat :) I am glad that you have learned your lesson for yourself and for me, because I won't do it :)

It is funny you mention about the skin splits in the corner of your mouth. I get them too and use cortaide or neosporin, which ever one works at the time. I will have to see if they go away too, since going gluten free. I never got too many... more in the winter and I blamed it on the cold, but it could be from the gluten etc.

Things are better and I am on my 3rd week. I do hope my muscle pains disapate or even lower somewhat. I am able to walk the dog and do things I couldn't do last year, but I have been going to physical therapy since before Christmas last year. So...not sure which is making the differece, but I will be able to tell when the cold weather comes back around. But,let's not talk about cold weather when summer is just around the corner!

You certainly do a have bad gluten skin problem, even when you were little. I'm so happy that you were able to help yourself. The truth is, everyone is their own best advocate! If you don't get the help you need from one doctor, go to another!

Thanks for all the info and keep in touch. I hope you are well. You say when you ate those cookies!



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