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glassy eyes
4 Replies
Jen1982 - April 5

my eyes are always glassy and i am having alot of trouble with my vision at night......also having weird dizzy feelings, not like i'm spinning, but sort of like a mini 5 second's hard to describe. anyone else experience this?


Kay25 - April 17

I have a problem with my right eye. It usually lasts for months then goes away. Its a glassy,blurred feeling as if there is a film on my eye and it feels drooped evethough looking at it my eye look no different.

I also get sun spots on that eye like I've been looking at the sun.


JOEGIRL - April 18

Jen, I have been having lots of trouble with my eye sight. I am going back to my eye dr for the 3rd rime and I am sure I will be getting glasses bad as I hate to . Strang thing is , it is my right eye that has gone bad?????? My eye dr . says its fibro related..Also I am having trouble seeing at night. I just hope I don't lose my drivers lis. over it. I would really be depressed then. Barly doing what I do and if I couldn't even take a drive to the store, when I feel like it, would be bad, Might as well go in nursing home then , grrrrrrrrrr I was a young lady in her early fifties til fibro hit me 2 years ago and now I feel like I am aging fast.. Does anyone else get this feeling to?Maybe Iam just depressed today


axxie - April 19

Hello Jen, hard when you go through all these symptoms. I can assure you some of it will go away and others, you will learn to live with it and not stress yourself.

As for not seeing at night & glassy eyes, could be cataracs, your right there in the age range. You need to see the opthamologist, they will do a throughout testing and tell you, how advance you are if you have cataracs and will be able to see if you have any other problems with your eyes. Opticians can test you for vision.

As for the dizzy feelings usually a sign of blood pressure fluctuating, blood vessel swellings in your neck, called carotid sinuses that control the blood pressure by constricting & dilating the blood vessels. Trigger points could also affect them, they aggravate the scalene trigger points causing aggravation spiral. Fibro can cause this as the central nervous system affects blood pressure by regulating the dilation of blood vessels.


Gabbie - April 22

I was diagnosed with fibro several years ago and there are certainly many symptoms that come along with it. I've had problems with my eyes the last couple of years and was using over-the-counter reading glasses only. I also have dry eye and because of the eye strain, my eyes were so irritated, red and glassy all the time. I also noticed very dark circles appearing along with that baggy look under the eyes. I'm in my 50's so I blamed that on the age. However, I finally couldn't take the eye strain, gave in to the "progressive" lenses(tri-focals) and although I wasn't thrilled with having to wear them all the time, it was the best decision I made. I picked out a nice pair of frames and now that I'm used to the 3 lens combination, I wear them all day and what a difference it has made. The glassy eyes, dark circles and even bags have disappeared. I think the fibro may have triggered the rapid change in eyesight but just like all the other symptoms we have, there's really no proof, just suspicion. I get nausea followed by a brief feeling of dizziness but that is a symptom of fibro. There are so many symptoms and most of them unfortunately we have to live with but if the eye problems are because you need glasses, then by all means get them because it makes an unbelieveable difference. Kay you mentioned sun spots. If they are sort of black spots that move around when you are looking in bright sunlight or lights, it could be what is called floaters. I've had them for years in one of my eyes but my opthomologist has not given me any reason to worry about them but since you didn't mention that you have seen a doctor, I would suggest you have a good eye exam for the problems that you are experiencing.



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