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Ginseng or not ginseng, that is the question...
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bbass - November 4

Ok, I have been on Cymbalta for about 4 or 5 months and just recently was told my a friend who is a nurse that ginseng and ginkgo bilboa help with the sexual -or lack thereof-side effects. So I started taking them both but found I was a little headachy so I decided to just try one. I picked ginseng. It has definitely improved the side effects! Also I noticed that after taking it for over a week, I feel fantatic. Last Friday I had a non stop awesome day with no pain, even after pushing myself all day. The awesomeness has continued, though a drawback is that I have developed a motor mouth. Can't stop talking.
Has anyone else tried ginseng? I have been reading up on it. My chiro said that people with adrenal fatigue-which I have as do most sufferers of fibro-need to be careful taking ginseng because it can actually fatigue your adrenals more by making them work more than they should. Conversely-asian ginseng is also given to help your just wondering if anyone else has any experience taking ginseng? I have decided to only take every other day so that I don't over-do and so that I don't drive everyone crazy with my bounciness and talking. Also, even when taken in the morning, it causes me to not want to go to bed. So what do you think?


brooksidefarm - November 4

This is interesting. I know nothing really about it. Are there different dosages? Have you tried a smaller one? Is it better every other day? I am not using meds and learning to control with other things. Huge B intake has taken care of joint pain. I was tested last week and am super deficient in Vit D. After one prescription dose of it, I am feeling effects with less achiness, and have 7 weeks to go to bring levels up to normal. I am researching others and will look at ginseng. Will let you know what I find.


brooksidefarm - November 4

Brooksidefarm again. I just grabbed an encyclopedia of vitamins, herbs, etc that I bought last week and looked up ginseng. It says there are two types. Korean or Chinese (Panax ginseng) and Siberian (Eleutheroccocus senticosus). The Korean is considered more stimulating than the Siberian. The Korean is used for diabetes, lower cholesterol, reproduction, menopause, immunity and cancer prevention. The Siberian is used for chronic fatigue syndrome, side effects of cancer treatments, rheumatic pain, and insomnia. There are also warnings about using it with infections, high blood pressure or anxiety. Maybe the type you are using could be changed and still be effective? I am going to look into that myself. The fatigue is the worst. Let us know what else you find.


axxie - November 6

Hi, been on ginseng for a long time, I use Siberian one, it's of much better quality then the chinese one. Even my chinese chiro tells me to use the severian one.

You are not to take it everyday, my dear, only every two days..... Gingseng stays in your system longer. If you miss a few days, you will find no ill affect.

As for Gingko bilboa is a big no no, with your cymbalta there is much interaction, please visit a site that tells you the interaction. it can save your life, and oh by the way, just because your friend is a nurse, she would not know all the interaction with medication. So before you embark, visit a sight to give you the interaction. Sorry can't give you sight, but if you google search interaction, you should find a few good sites to help you.



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