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getting worse and scared
4 Replies
jrzgirl - April 2

I am starting to feel really bad, pain, cannot feel my feet at times, I went with my husband to get groceries and then took my dog for a short walk, while on the walk, my right ankle kind of went over but not alot, I feel like I am losing this battle, now I am dealing with panic attacks and tons of anxiety, It feels like I am losing control of my whole body and it really scares me, I am dizzy along with allergies that make me feel dizzy. Is this all worth it or not. I am tired of feeling like a slug


jrzgirl - April 2

I forgot, foggy. I also have Raynauds and RSD


Noca - April 2

I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. I have pain and anxiety attacks too. Though my anxiety is mostly OCD and SA related. What meds are you on?

Dizziness can be treated without drugs in a few ways. First if you're feeling really dizzy you can tense your whole body up, just like flexing an arm muscle on flexing the entire body up. Do this for 10 seconds at a time and be sure to keep breathing. This will effectively raise your blood pressure and stop dizziness in its tracks. If you are really dizzy and about to black out, lay on the ground and put your feet up on a bed or couch. This will cause all the blood to rush to your head thus treating dizziness. The 3rd way is to drink a cold drink of water or juice or expose yourself to cold air. This will treat dizziness too.

For panic attacks you should either try CBT or get yourself a self help book on how to overcome panic disorder.

For generalized anxiety, anti-depressants usually work the best.

For situational/social anxiety, occasional benzo use usually work the best.

Keep up the fight, don't give up.


jrzgirl - April 2

I also have OCD really bad, it rules my life. We now have to put our house back on the market, we have to dell it before July or we will lose it. we wanted to put in Granite countertops in the kitchen but $3955.00 is alot of money, it would have a better chance of selling but we have cut back on everything inc. food, we cannot use the AC during the summer and water bill is very high.I really think I should just let my husband have the house,dog and he can move, I do not know where I will go, I can always have myself commited, our health ins is $500.00 a month, mortgage is $1433.00, his SS is $1800.00 a month, unemployment will run out soon so I reallly have alot of thinking to do. I take vitamins, and Darvocet for pain, lasts about 3 hrs. that is all I can take.
What is SA?


Noca - April 2

SA is social anxiety disorder. I have that as well as moderate levels of OCD. My anxiety rules my life too. I'm seeking treatment.

My OCD symptoms for example are: I hoard, I repeat, I'm obsessively clean, I arrange, I have play back loop thoughts, rituals and checking.

My OCD treatment begins this summer probably. I will be going to an anxiety research hospital in my city where I'll be getting group therapy, individual therapy, and participate in a study all for OCD, and all for free.

I'm going bankrupt too. I have like $8500 in debt to the banks and untold debts to my parents. I get $803 a month from disability and my bills amount to $883 a month. I'm running off scholarships and living with my parents.



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