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Getting Used to It
4 Replies
brooksidefarm - October 20

Hi all. I have a strange question. Do you develop a higher tolerance for pain over time? I think I have and this worries me. After 1 1/2 years of this, pain level of 5 or 6 in the past would sent me to the doc, and is now really a daily reality. I have grown used to it and don't mention it so much to anyone. Also, I am finding that this level of 5 or 6 is a good day. I am a little alarmed as people around me are tending to think that I am not in as much pain or 'better' and I am not. Then, when a flare up occurs - like is starting this morning - I hit an 8 or 9 and am unable to function. I am concerned about a couple things. One is that healthcare professionals will not take it seriously because I have learned to function with pain, and two that I will miss something important that my body is telling me because I am used to it. In reality, I do not know what it feels like to feel good anymore, I just do not want to complain daily or give up. Is this a strange concern? Anyone else feel this way?


Fantod - October 20

brooksidefarm - I don't think your question is strange at all. I was thinking the exact same thing a few weeks ago while I was at the dentist. I needed a crown which as you probablly know requires shots of lidociane and drilling etc. Rather than sniveling like I normally do, I came through the whole procedure quite well. Frankly, I was astounded as I normally need a box of kleenex during the procedure and a stiff drink afterwards. The only thing I could attribute my relative calm to is that I am now used to pain. Even my dentist who is always braced for the worst whenever I darken his doorway was rather flummoxed. I can only attribute it to becoming somewhat conditioned and/or impervious to pain.

I don't know what it is like to feel good anymore either. I have just learned to go with the flow. If something is really wrong (other than the norm) I think the cues are still there and I'll figure it out. Personally, I don't pay much mind to what other people are thinking about me and Fibromyalgia (FMS). I have made it clear to anyone that will listen that some days are better than others but none of them are good. Past that point, I don't need to justify why I can complete a task today but not be able to do the same thing tomorrow. Frankly, I'd like to see any naysayer spend a an hour in our shoes. They'd be begging for mercy.

I hope your flare settles down and you are able to get some rest. Take care,


brooksidefarm - October 20

Thank you! I have a wonderful husband, but it is a blessing to hear from someone who really gets it. It helps me not feel like I am going crazy - at least for the moment!


Tired of the pain - October 20

Totally agree with you !!!! I also feel this way, and have been dealing with the constant pain for 11 years. I also cannot take narcotic pain relievers, so I am stuck with Extra Strength Tylenol. I also feel like there are no good days and that I am continually going downhill - and feel like mediacal professionals are frustrated because they can't find any way to treat the problems. Don't know where to go with this.


Tired of the pain - October 20

Hear ! Hear !
I also have developed a "tolerance" to pain. It was diagnosed 2 years ago that the Carpal Tunnel that I thought I had, and had surgery for years ago - was really a rare genetic problem called Maddelung's Deformity. Treatment required orthopedic surgery to remove half of the head of my radius at the wrist. This was done as an Outpatient's procedure under an axillary block - meaning that a small catheter was placed in my upper shoulder/chest area with a constant flow of anaesthetic on a pump. I had that at home for 4 days. After that I did not take any narcotic pain relievers at all (only my usual Tylenol). My surgeon was completely floored that I didn't need any pain meds - said he had never had a patient succeed with this. Unfortunately, the surgery had to be repeated 6 months later because they didn't remove enough of the bone. This time I didn't even have the Anaesthetic Block and he was even more unbelieving. Makes me wonder if I am so used to pain all the time, that more pain on top of it is just ignored - yet I am in constant, unrelieving muscle pain (Myofacial Pain Syndrome) and Degenerative disc disease in my spine.



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