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Getting sick easily?
6 Replies
bmcgovern - April 26

I feel like i have been getting sick easily...I have never been like this and i don't know what to do. I am trying to boost my immune system and it sucks cause i feel like nothing helps. I have had 2 colds in December, 2 colds in Jan and food poising and the flu and now it's April and i once again have another cold but this one isn't as bad. Does this happen to anyone else and if so do you know of anything that helps the immune system?


powderblue - April 26

Dear Bmcgovern

Oh my goodness I think you read my mind. I just went to the doctor today as I keep getting sick too. I used to have a good immune system and would get over things quickly and never got sick as often as other people. Last year in July/August over a six week period I had two flus and four colds and felt I would just get over one virus to get another. In January I got a pretty bad flu and then had a cough that hung around for weeks. I have just had my third cold in three weeks with this last one making me feel totally wacked. I think maybe not enough sleep and stress can weaken my immune system plus my body having to deal with fibro. Your body produces cortisol (a hormone) in response to stress and high levels of it can lower your immune system but I'm not sure to what extent. I am going to try some olive leaf capsules. I have heard that echinacea is only effective short-term, and that she shouldn't take it all the time. I hope you find a way to boost your immune system.


fibromite.u.k. - April 26

I am just the same, one nasty thing after another. At the beginning of January I got swine flu (H1N1) and virtually at the same time I had gastro-enteritis, I felt like I was going to die. I also had bad thrush in my mouth (although this may have been caused by the antibiotics). I then got a severe ear infection, then one side of my face became swollen and the doc said it was an infection of my partoid gland.

This all went on until the middle of February. Then in March I got bronchitis out of the blue. I usually only get that after a cold, but I hadn't had a cold this time. This has left me with asthma, which despite two courses of steroids won't seem to get any better. In fact, I think I may have to ring the doc today as it seems to be getting worse. I have also had an enormous ulcer on the side of my tongue since January that also refuses to go despite have steriod tablets to melt on my tongue for it.

I am so fed-up with it all. I want to get on and do things, but feel too ill to do anything all the time. I just want to sleep all the time.

I think it is believed now that fibromyalgia is an auto-immune disease and of course with auto-immune diseases we are going to be very vunerable to all kinds of infections. I have tried numerous things to boast my immune system but nothing seems to really help. I also have two other auto-immune system diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and Hughes syndrome so I suppose I am even more vunerable than most.


bmcgovern - April 26

Thank you for responding to my post...I have been trying things for it and doesn't help much. I have been doing good the last couple months and didn't think i have been around anyone sick but guess i was a caught it. Man fibro really can be such a pain..I hope you both the best of luck and keep me updated if you find anything that helps and i will also do the same :) I am going to try red clover. My dad suggested it and if it helps i will let you know..Sorry both of you have gotten sick like this also. It's horrible puts you right down in bed. :) Thanks for the support :)


Fantod - April 26

Yes, that would be me. Now I have some kind of virus that is making me feel light-headed. My nose is running and I feel funky generally. I just want the weather to break so I can open up some windows and let some fresh air in the house. Feel better everyone!


January - April 27

I used to get colds and flus all the time - especially in winter. (I think fibro is somehow related to infectious agents also.) Now, I always have Oscillococcinum (by Boiron) in the house. It's a homeopathic treatment - 3 times a day for 2 days, right at the start of symptoms. It works very well, but you have to take it as soon as you notice a scratchy throat or other symptoms.

Hope ALL of you feel better soon. This sounds so miserable! I dragged around with a flu I couldn't get rid of for weeks and weeks -- finally my dr. checked me for Epstein Barr - and it was positive. This was long before I got diagnosed with fibro. They almost never think to treat you with antivirals -- but it's worth asking for some if you have a virus like the flu or Epstein Barr. Maybe it's possible that certain viral illnesses, left untreated lead to or aggravate fibro..??

Also, there's a very old remedy for ulcers in the mouth - use diluted hydrogren peroxide (the kind you can buy OTC at the store) as a mouth rinse. It helps! You get an oxygen foam on the ulcer that helps to kill whatever is causing it.

Fibromite, you have really been through it! The drugs are necessary - but cause so many bad side effects. Have you tried probiotics to keep the good bacteria in your gut replenished? And vitamin/mineral supplements? Since you had H1N1, did they give you antivirals (like Tamiflu) or just antibiotics? Your body is probably so weakened from all this illness, you need supplements to help. Acupuncture can help a lot to restore your immune system too.

I take olive leaf, among other things. Can't say if it's working for sure, but I haven't had a cold in a long time. The other thing that I think really helped my immune system was laying off the gluten. Feel better everyone!


Loving Utah - August 28

I like the rest of you get sick more frequently and stay sick longer. I have had fibro for about ten years. I had to quit my job as a Special Ed Aide due to continually getting sick. My kids don't know from covering their months and such. I am currently battling a case of pneumonia for the second time this year. It sure seems to me that the fibro has something to do with it.

I need to work but I do not know if physically I can anymore and because of my employers over the years didn't always take Disbility tax out of my paychecks I am en eligible to receive it.

It is nice to find a forum with people who know what I am going through.



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