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getting disability
4 Replies
sally5 - October 24

unfortunately, my fibro has gotten worse. last March, I applied for Social Security Disability as directed by my doctor. Of course, I was denied the first time.I hired a lawyer to handle my case. He applied for a second time. We are going thru the process and waiting for an answer. How long did you have to wait?? was there something or someone that finally won your approval for Social Security Disabililty. Thanks Sally5


linda brown - October 30

well, i'm still waiting for an answer. my lawyer keeps telling me that i have a good case and she has asked for an on the recored review. i've taken all kinds of test and have seen the ssd people docs and taken test my own arth doc wanted me to see and he's fighting for me too. then i had to see pain mgmt because i can't get any relief at all. and he put me on lyrica and had me to see a physo doc who told me i can't work either. so, i'll just have to wait. but at least the judge is looking at my case now so my lawyer says, so hang in there and good luck, let you know when i get an answer


janestone - October 30

Linda- you are lucky that the drs support you. I have been to 4 and they all say I have fibro, degenerative disc disease, failed back surgery syndrome, ibs, and osteoarthritis. I have been tested until I can't afford anything more, but I have yet to find a dr who will write anything about me not working. they want to continue to try, I have not been able to work since last december. I have been denied twice and am waiting for judge hearing since March 2007. I was told it could be up to 18 mos longer. I do have an attorney but he is pretty low key. I need the benefit of insurance of ssd, because my cobra is $450 a month. I can not afford to go the dr and pay that. there are a lot of gimmick websites out there so be care. good luck to you. I wish you the best of luck with your approval.


VickyV123 - January 8

I work for an attorney who does disability and I know that sometimes it can be frustrating waiting for disability to be approved. Just hang in there - it will happen, just sometimes takes a while. As for your doctor, there are questionnaires that he/she can fill out about your symptoms/pain/meds which will help your attorney prove your case. Just because a dr. doesn't tell you to stop working, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't. Only you can determine that.


colleen steele - January 19

Hi Sally,I just won my disability case this month on the 15th.I waited 3 years and only used my gen.practioner,he helped me alot and told me he would make sure I win. I told him everything.Everything from my bad relationship with my husband ( which I am presently divorcing,for many reasons but mostly his lack of compassion for my illness.] to the time I got lost two blocks from home, I told my dr. every ache, pain,memory loss,I just told him everything.It was frustrating waiting,but patience is a virtue.I used the company advertised on this website called Allsup.They were so good and very friendly,I did not have to do anything , they filled out all the forms , handled all the phone calls,I didn't have to go to court ,they went for me,the judge had enough evidence from my dr. and ssd dr' make a ruling.Now all I have to do is wait 60-90 days for the money and medicare.Allsup is a good company and they told me most of their employees used to work for social security so they really know the system,and that they have an 85% win rate.So anyone looking for disibility help you might want to give them a try.There is a link on this web site.Also they have been in business for 25 years or so. Good luck to you and everyone else. Good health to you too.................Colleen Steele
P.S. I think if you mention my name they give a finders fee or something I'm not sure.If it is true you should mention it to others too.At any rate they really do a good job on your behalf,stress free for you.



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