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Getting a diagnosis - My story
2 Replies
Tee - November 13

I've been reading these forums for a little while but only now just decided to post something. I've been in pain (back pain mostly) since my car accident in '03. I've been having mostly back pain since then (it was a rear-end hit) and went to a chiropractor a few months back. Ever since going, I've been really tired and in pain, mostly in my joints. There's also a lot of other symptoms that I wrote down so that I could bring to my doctor once my partner convinced me that I NEED to go to one. Unfortunately the doctor wanted me to have anything BUT fibromyalgia (even though an ER doctor, my chiropractor, and two nurses suggested fibro). She tested me for everything: lyme, lupus, mono, even HIV even though I told her that was impossible.
Finally I went to a different doctor after getting a coworker's recomendation. He actually listened to me which was fantastic, as the first doctor I went to was so emphatic about it NOT being fibro. My new doctor (Foss) told me that he didn't want to give me a false diagnosis (thought he said it sounded like fibro) and the best thing was to go to a rheumatologist. Unfortunately there aren't a lot in the twin cities MN area who are covered by my insurance, so I have to wait until Dec 16th. Foss started me on amitryptalin, though. For the first week it was heaven. I could do my job (working in a kitchen at a pizza place) without pain. I was sleeping better than ever, too. Unfortunately two days ago I woke up three times (I know because I look at the clock every time) and Saturday it was back to the same old thing. Pain especially in my knees because I'm standing up all day, in my arms, not being able to carry a whole lot, etc.
What if I can't get a diagnosis from the rheumatologist? This is what I'm most worried about. I've heard that you have to have at least 11 of the 18 trigger points be tender. As it is, only my shoulders, the insides of my elbows, and my knees are really hurting. I'm just scared that I'll get a doctor who was like my first one.
Anyway, thanks for listening. It's nice to know that if it is fibro, I'll have a good support group.


Beverly - November 13

Don't assume anything until you have seen a Rheumatolgist. Fibro is in the muscles not in the joints. I hope this isn't your diagnosis and the doctor finds something that can be helped with medication and can eventually be healed.

This is a great support group.


tonyab1838 - November 13

Hopefully it isn't FMS. The best thing to do is keep a journal of your pain and what you did that day. Give a copy to your Dr. and hopefully he will take that to heart. A Rheumatologist is your best bet for getting properly diagnosed. I had to go to 10 Dr.'s before getting diagnosed correctly. Mine started on the inside of, mainly, me left elbow and has spread from there. That was 2 years ago when it started now it is in my neck, shoulders, legs and back. Hopefully you will find a Dr. that listens just don't give up. I know how frustrating it is not having a proper diagnosis. Take care and God bless!



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