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Gentic predisposition?
4 Replies
REJNester - September 8

I am wondering if anyone can help me find information about genetics and Fibromyalgia. I was just informed by my Physician that she believes I have Fibromyalgia. I was a skeptic until now. I have been having these symptoms for years and just let it go thinking it would go away, however, the symptoms increased and worsened. Anyways back to the issue, my sister, a female cousin and my aunt (this cousins mother) all have Fibromyalgia so now that there are four of us in the immediate family with this health condition I am wondering what the genetic link is. I am wondering what testing, if any is being conducted regarding this issue. I appreciate all the help I can get.


skidoo - September 14

yes, doctors believe there is a genetic predisposition.


GraemeK - September 14

There certainly seems to be a genetic predisposition to these auto immune illnesses. I have had FMS for over 25 years while my 17 year old daughter has had chronic fatigue syndrome for the last 18 months (this is often considered to be a sister illness to fibro). Also, thinking back, my grandmother who passed away in 1993 also seemed to have a lot of FMS symptoms but she was never diagnosed with fibro as it has only been formally recognised as a medical condition since 1992. In terms of treating this problem, please have a look at a posting I put on this website earlier this week called "Glyconutirents Are Great For Fibro". My daughter and I are both getting very good results using a liquid glyconutrient product made from sea vegatbles and aloe vera juice. Details as to how to obtain it are given in the posting. Please give it a try as you have very little to lose and possibly a lot to gain based on our experience. Best wishes to you for a healthy future - Graeme Knight.


JJ1 - September 14

I suspect my mother had it but was never diagnosed. She is deceased, but she always had to take a nap in the daytime and often complained of "arthritis" pain. She was a bright lady but could be forgetful at times. One of my sisters seems to have it also although she has yet to be diagnosed.


Robin1237 - September 20

My fibro turned out to be Lyme disease. And apparently, so is CFDs too. There are a couple ways everyone can have it. One is if everyone was actually bit by ticks and other insects carrying the Lyme bacteria. Another way is transplacentally -- kids of infected parents are being born with it. Check out for ongoing discussions on what is happening with Lyme disease spreading throughout the world's population.



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