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general pain
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tizzy - May 15

Good afternoon , I am a newie to the forum.

I haven't been daigonized with fibromyalgia but my symptons are some what the same in cases.

I have been diagonized(?) with psoriatic arthritius many years ago, this is conected with psosaris which I am really fed up with, I know some have it much more than me but it never goes away.

I have severe tiredness of which I was told by my rehmalologist(? I know this is spelt wrong, can never get it right) I would get tired.
Tiredness, well when reading a book or whatever I have just nodded off to sleep spliiling a many hot cuppa over me/ the sette/ or the bed,have nodded off when someone speaks to me(very embarrasing) My doc. took blood tests last year it came back all ok.
I take Gabapentin, Amitriptyline along with other meds.
When having a shower the water hurts on contact with my skin, if anyone touches me it hurts.
2 years ago I slipped 2 discs. am still in lots of pain from it, I have had 2 spinal cordual epidurals which have helped but still get alot of leg pain which is coming from my back/discs through a trapped nerve in my back, I was then put on the gabapentin and amitriptyline I also take other medication for my arthrituis.
I have problems with my words sometimes, knowing what I want to say but they don't come out right.
I get/am very depressed at times don't know why and can't seem to get intrested in anything I have several hobbies, but can't seem to get into them!) everything seems an effort, I am not a lazy person and want to get on with my life, it seems one step forward and six back!!


Fantod - May 18

Hello Tizzy - Your situation sounds similar to mine. I have disc problems too. I take Gabapentin and Amitriptyline too. I have days when even the most simple task seems impossible. My point is that you are not alone with how you are feeling. It is alternatingly frustrating, infuriating and extremely depressing to be in this situation. I try to take each day one at a time. I work hard at not beating myself up if I am not able to get things done. Rather, I am happy about the things I do accomplish even if it is simply getting showered and dressed. II am sending you a big hug and hope you have better days ahead.



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