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Joy Kingston - July 21

I need help. I have been diagnosed with fibra myalgia and OA. These are my symptoms: constant pain in my neck, spine, hips, shoulders, knees, legs, hands, and feet. I can't sleep, I'm now down to two to four hours at a time. I always feel tired. I work 10 hour days and I have to concentrate on forcing myself to get through the day. 6 hours to go, 4, 2 etc. Every morning I hobbled like a very old woman for hours. If I stand or walk for 15 minutes or more, the pain is so horrible. My doctor has given me 2 different perscriptions for NSAIDs and they do not touch the pain at all. He also gave me anti depressants but I haven't taken them yet because I am afraid of the side effects. I usually react strongly to medications. He sent me to a physical therapist who was patronizing and and I hurt worse for days after at $40.00 co-pays each time. How many times have I heard "just work through the pain"?. Do the anti depressants really help? I don't feel depressed or unhappy. I don't think I'd be normal if the pain didn't make me feel a little distressed. Sometimes, I feel so alone because no one I know understands how I feel. I know one theory is that due to a inbalance in your brain chemistry, you feel pain that really isn't there. So, then people think it's all in my mind and that I should be able to just tell myself that I'm not really feeling this pain. Well, that's crazy. Does any one else out there have that problem? Thanks for listening.


Jean - November 29

Hi Joy: You are probably a little scared at this point. Your sounding like me about 4 years ago. I worked 10 hour shifts and hobbled around in the morning thinking its just arthritis which I was diagnosed much earlier. It got to the point I lost my job, unable to do the job because of the pain, eye disruption and I just hit the wall. Anti depressants do help, pain medicine will help and sleep aid will help.Getting the right combination of drugs may take time if you have trouble with them, be patient. This is a real diagnosis and you will probably see more doctors but let me help you skip a doctor or two. See a psychiatrist who are experts in antidepressants and can monitor you right, they are less expensive,see a rheumatologist for he will advise you on different pain medications, Nsaids will not help. You may not be depressed, I wasn't but you may have anxiety, I did. The two are treated the same. No, you can't just work through the pain. You might need to have a life style change which means a job with less physical activity and stress. This is a hard condition to go through. Start easy stretching exercises to limber your muscles, swimming helps but do not over do. This ill take time to get in control again some of us are still struggling but one thing that is good is Fibromyalgia is not crippling or life threatening. Educate yourself on the condition and your family and friends, they will be your support group. Make sure you trust your doctors and do not be afraid to ask questions.Hope this helps.


Jean - November 29

Keep a journal of your pain and activities because this will also help your doctors with your medication .


nan - November 30

yes joy, lots of people even close friends will not believe in fm. They and many drs. may say it is in your head. Those are the peple you need to ignore. listen to your body. you are not crazy. jean had wonderful advice as usual. (i love you jean!) i've only been reading this forum a few weeks and it has helped me so much. i don't feel as crazy or as alone. medication is key and necessary. i'm like you, reacting strongly to meds. i do a lot of trial and error. I have had some good luck with nutritioal support and alternative therapies. you should really think about cutting back your hours if at all possible. your body is begging you to do this. fm is a condition that teaches you that you have to believe in yourself and do what is right for you. sometimes you still feel rotten. you take a good sleeping pill and maybe get a good nights sleep and try for a better day tomorrow. take care of yourself. good luck. you are not alone.


Jean - December 1

Hi Nan: I am so happy that I was able to help you also. It is not fun fighting this disease alone and knowing you aren't the only one out there struggling is wonderful because we can talk to be in the same circumstances and help each other. I think the doctors are starting to become more aware of this syndrome but it will still take more time for them to get educated in it to, help people like us find a common ground in just feeling better. I keep thinking at times that there is something more to this and that doctors do not tell you the whole story but I'm working on that to. It makes me feel good when I can help and when I can't it is frustrating but where there is a negative there is a positive and this certainly is positive. Thanks nan for your kind words.


Angela Wee - July 13

yes I've been trough the same pain that you are going through and the sleepless nights. There is a book out there called heal your headache. I can't remember the Author but I'll send the info if you are interested. Also my Dr. perscribed and antidepressant. Of coarse at first I wouldn't take it. Until I thought it couldn't hurt to try. Amazingly I feel email is [email protected]


Dani - July 21

So sorry for all the trouble you are going through! I have suffered with fibromyalgia for over 20 years, and I know it can really be a downer -
I have tried many medications, but the only one that has really made a difference is Amytriptiline (Elavil) I don't like taking it , because it makes you hungry and constipated, but it came to a point where these side effects were not as bad as the daily pain and headaches that were ruining my life- This medicine enables me to get the rest I couldn't get before, and helps alot with the stiffness and soreness-I can actually get more relief with it than I can the pain meds-
Go easy on yourself and take some time for you! Meditate, pray, get a massage, be good to you and know that many others are going through this too! This site and the kind people who read it and submit their support have been a new ray of hope for me-
God bless you!


barbar - December 18

Could you give us an update on how you're doing with this? Hope you doing ok.



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