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Gees I don't know where to start.....
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axxie - February 6

Well, it's been awhile I've posted, not because I don't like the company, it's just with working full time it's been, wake, work, go home and fall asleep. My hubby thought it would work for me, working full time. Well not, it's hard and I don't know how much more of this I can take. I'm waiting for my retirement bank gets to a certain percentage and then I'm leaving.

Anyway, I thought I'd give you some news from my side, so most know that I started working part-time and eventually this January I finally working full time, (it's quite hard) don't think I can do this for very long.

Anyway I returned to my substantiave position and my old boss is acting up and only one week in the office, I'm already putting harrassment case against her. It just seem she doesn't like me, and wants me out and she'll do anything to get me fired from my job in the government. She is respresented by Labour Relations and I'm represented by my union.

At the moment, monday will be a sheer hell day. I had to send an email to the DG of my office and complaint to her that what my old boss was up to is sheer harrassment.

I feel that employer no matter where you work, do not understand what it means to have fibromyalgia I'm starting to think maybe I need to get out because I can't take the pressure anylonger.

Is it hard for me as a federal government employee to ask to be left away from their drama and harrassment. I just want to come in, do my job and go home,.... that is all, I don't care about some other women's issue and her time of the month it's time to lash out on someone because I don't like her. Can't these people not leave me alone. I just want to pay my bills like everyone else regardless of what they think of me, you don't like me, fine, but don't harrass me because you have a grudge against me.


powderblue - February 6

Hi Axxie,
Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time. If you are waking, working, going home and sleeping then you aren't building in a buffer for your energy levels. The stress from your work environment won't be good either.
I was working for a government department and I found it very hard. One manager in particular I really felt he just wanted me to go away. When I asked for a temporary change in hours of work, as I was working shiftwork it seemed to be a big hassle even though they were very accommodating of pregnant staff or another staff member who had cancer. I decided after a year and a half after my first flare up and my health not really getting back to what it was as well (actually worse) to leave. I wanted to stay and save more money before I left but I feared if I stayed too long my health would spiral down even more if I had another flare up and I didn't want to have to go through the process of being medically discharged and maybe unable to work for a long time. I'm currently retraining to be a nurse and enjoying being able to have a normal sleeping body clock.

It really frustrates me how people with fibromyalgia get treated. They often seem to think it is a stress problem or that we have chosen to bring it on ourself or that it is not really a proper illness. That we just need to work harder. Society and work environments need to become more flexible so that people with disabilities and chronic illnesses have the opportunity to work and not be discriminated against.
I hope you have some colleagues at work that are suppportive and on your side in regards to your manager. I would also consider keeping a diary of conversations and record as much as you can as you may have to provide some evidence. Any time you have to talk to her I would do it when there are other staff present or maybe take someone with you. I presume that your union representative will be with you with any formal meetings etc. Best of luck with Monday. Take care


Fantod - February 6

Axxie - I'm really sorry to hear about what has been going on at work. I hope that you are able to get some resolution to the situation tomorrow. Good luck and keep in touch.


Stacey373 - February 7

Hi Axxie - I just wanted to lend my support too. I hope today goes okay for you and it's not too hard on you. Hang in there and don't forget to take care of yourself, Stacey :o)


axxie - February 8

Well it's been put off till later in the week, and guess who is missing from the meeting, the director in question, wow, what a way to go.



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