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gallbladder cleanse
3 Replies
PEANUT - August 14

Hi. I was wondering if anyone has ever done a gallbladder cleanse with Epsom salts, extra virgin olive oil and graperfruiy juice. My naturepath is recommending if for my digestive (excessive burping) issues and knee joint pain? It sounds weird that there is a relation there. Anyway, I have done some research on this cleanse and I'm a little worried as to how it will affect me. Any experience or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again all. I don't come on very often but I check in and get caught up on the dialogue all the time. Some of you have great health issues and my thoughts are with you for finding ways to feel better!


nikita3 - August 16

I did a gallbladder cleanse with extra virgin olive oil and apple/blackcurrant juice. After doing a lot of research on it I decided to do it because of the fact that it could save someone from having to have their gallbladder out. I was getting a lot of pain at the time and I thought that it's worth a shot. At the same time I was worried what was going to happen when I did it because you don't know if you can trust what you read on the net. Anyway, the process involved a kind of fasting which started with a light lunch the day before and then there was the oil/juice mixture about 9 p.m. I was supposed to feel really uncomfortable during the night, sleep on one side and start going to the bathroom about 5 a.m. which would get rid of all the gallbladder build up, and then I would have to rest until after lunch the next day. I took a day off work to do it in case I felt really bad or something went wrong, but I didn't get anything like what was described. I just went to bed and woke up the next day and I didn't feel any discomfort at all. It was like I had not had the oil/juice mixture, but it definitely did something as afterwards I had less pains. I would do it again if I experienced a lot of pain and thought it was a gallbladder issue.


PEANUT - August 20

Hi Nikita3.Thanks for your reply.I have not yet had the chance to do the cleanse (between a 50th anniversay week-end, sitting grand-kids, hosting a baby shower and other 'life' matters. I want to allow myself a couple of days for it and it looks like Thursday/Friday may work. The cleanse recommended to me is a little different than what you described. As follow:

Dissolve 4 Tbsp Epsom salt in 3 cups water (place in a jar in fridge)
-Morning: Eat a no fat breakfasy
-2:00 : Stop eating. Only water now.
-6:00 : Drink 3/4 cup of ice cold Epsom mix
-8:00 : Repeat
-9:45 : Drink 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil with 3/4 cup fresh grape
fruit juice.
Lie down immediately on back with head and shoulders propped up.
Place hot water bottle on upper right abdomen. Keep perfectly
still for 20 minutes.
Take 4-8 Ornithine capsules (optional) and go to sleep.
Next morn:Drink 3/4 cup of Epsom salt mix upon awakening.
2hr later:Take 4th and final dose of Epsom salt mix.
2hr later:May eat starting with juice and fruit. Eat light for the rest of
the day.

There it is. Wish me luck. I will get back on here for a follow-up report.
In the meantime, 'Life ain't always beautiful, but it's a beautiful ride'
Take gentle care everybody



nikita3 - August 21

I'll be very interested to hear how you go. After finding the piece of paper with the cleanse on it that I did, I find there are small variations, but generally it's quite similar to the one that you describe but without the epsom salts. As I didn't really feel anything when doing the cleanse, I'm wondering whether adding the epsom salts will make a real difference. Good luck!



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