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fibrochica - October 16

Hello everyone. I am checking in again after my latest Dr appt. I went with my list of questions, concerns, and suggestions. He was very receptive and is more than willing to refer me to a rheumy dr. - but he asked if I would be willing to try Gabapentin(spelling?) for a week and see if it helps. So I started that today, anyone else take this and does it help? I am starting on a low dosage, but he said just to call him if its not working and we can up it. I also have Tramadol for headaches- and it really works well for those. I am now taking 50ml of amitriptyline at night - which is helping me sleep. I even bought a new matress with the pillow top and went up to king size. I think it is making difference as well. I have severe allergies to dust/dust mites and mold- so the new matress is helpful for sleep and allergies.

I was also wondering if anyone has any tips for applying for disability? When I asked my Dr to sign my FMLA work, he said I may not be able to return to work. I have been reading about it from posts in here and other places, and it sounds like it can be along haul to get disability. I have gotten the paperwork from my employer to apply for long term disability as they advised me to start that now before STD runs out - it can take a couple of months to be approved. I really don't know how everything works - I have disability incurance through work, but can I also apply for Social Security Disability?

Sorry to ramble, but once I get typing, I seem to want to keep going as I am at ease posting things to those who truly understand.

Be well everyone!


Fantod - October 16

Hello Fibrochica - Sounds like your doctors appointment went pretty well. I take 100mg of Gabapentin every night. I have nerve pain in both legs due to degenerative disc disease. I am extremely sensitive to medication and even 100 mg makes me really groggy. At least I sleep most of that off. It should help but I think that you should insist on seeing on rheumotologist. I still think that Cymbalta, Savella or Lyrica should be considered in addition to anything else that you are currently taking.

If you don't think that going back to work is a realistic goal than in addition to getting disability from your employer, I'd apply for Social Security Disability as well. I'd use a company called Allsup. You can find them online. They have a 98% success rate in getting Social Security disability. You register with them online and they will set up an appointment to telephone interveiw you. They will decide based on the interview if they will handle your application. They do all of the paperwork and coordinate with Social Security. I used them and it was relatively easy. Everyone I dealt with was very nice. They take nothing if they don't win or 25% of your back pay if they do (thats a typical amount). My disability claim was settled in 6 months which is about average for Allsup. This is why you want to start now while you are on disability from your company. I don't recommend using a lawyer as that can take years. Allsup does eveything a lot faster because that's all that they do unlike most attorneys.

Sounds like you are making progress and I'm gald. Enjoy the weekend and take care.


Kiwigirl - October 17

Hi fibrochica
I have been taking gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day for the last month. I have had bad reactions to every other medication I was given, but this one appears to be working so far. I started off very gradually taking only one a day for a few days and increasing like that until reaching the 3 a day. Was very sleepy at first but that slowly wears off. And the great thing, the bad neck pain I have been suffering for about 10 years has gone!!
I still however suffer from a sore back and general overall pain, but to have the relief from the neck pain has been wonderful.
You should try the Gabapentin, but a week is probably not long enough, it takes that long to get up to the full dose.
Good luck.


Simon - November 8

I take Gabbapentin for migraine flareups, and took 3000mg per day for a while when I was really bad. I find that I need 2x 600mg tablets to even make a dent in my pain. I also found that Gabbapentin was the only med that helped my brain fog (that I now think is fibro fog, but I don't have a diagnosis yet).

Only side effects for me were weight gain (it made me ravenously hungry), and feeling really sleepy occasionally, where all I can do is put my head down and sleep for 30 minutes.

I can start / stop Gabbapentin without any side effects as well.

Hope that helps,



Noca - November 8

Took 1200mgs a day for a couple months and it did nothing for my pain whatsoever.



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