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fybro is not infammation???
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boohoo - September 17

because of the pressure points of which my doc hit every raw one long ago, i assumed those are points of inflammation and have been constantly taking ibuprofin when i feel it coming on!
have i been wrong all of these years? omg!
if someone would poke me in the back right now, i'd go flying forward, that's inflammation, and the brain fog and fatigue is terrible.
hope someone's having a good day!


pfiinch - September 17

See if you can Swim or Yoga or just stretch the muscles.Not to much just a little.Boohoo it took me 11/2years to get my releif and alot of praying.This is such a miserable illness and I sure hope you fine away to get releif.You posture is very important.I find if i arch my back yo when all the inflammations starts and just get up and little strech.Use a rubber band hole in you hands and stretch infront and then the back over your head.It sounds like your muscles are getting very weak for possiable laying or sitting to long.Don't give in make up your mind that you deserve a better lif than this.Prayer helps so much for me and this forum is wonderful.Gotta go

God Bless you and My God put his hands on you and help to curb your pain Amen.

Patti F.


Fantod - September 17

Fibromyalgia(FMS has nothing whatsoever to do with inflammation. The soreness in your back is due to trigger points which are muscles that have knotted and will not release. They can be treated with injections to release the muscle and break the pain cycle. Anoher option would be the Flector pain patch which is worn 12 hours on and 12 off. It only works whereever it is applied. You can cut them up into smaller pieces so that they go further.

The general soreness to touch is due to nonrestorative sleep. FMS disrupts the deep sleep cycle with short bursts of high intensity brain waves. Your muscles need deep sleep in order to recover from the days activities. Nonrestorative sleep means muscles soreness which just compounds as the days roll by. If you are that senstitive to touch than you really need to get the sleep issue under better control. Usually amitriptyline is prescribed for FMS patients.

You should not be taking a lot of ibuprofen as it is very hard on the stomach and liver. As I said before, your doctor was absolutely correct in refusing to give you a Z pack of prednisone. And, your gut may be really irritated due to all of the ibuprofen you have been ingesting on your own over the years. I would be sure to mention to your doctor that this has been your habit so that they are aware of it.

I believe you said that your doctor had ordered bloodwork to see what was going on. That was a good move on his part. Sometimes FMS is accompanied by underlying conditions like osteoarthitis. That would be an example of when there would inflammation present in the joints. He is probably looking at your liver function and other levels to see if there is another underlying problem.

Take some time to throughly read all of the information in the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page. The better educated you are on FMS the better you will be able to advocate for the right kind of care needed to treat this syndrome. Take care.


boohoo - September 18

liver tests came out fine......i am sreaming with a slightly difficult pain, of course, my back, yet it runs all thru me.........thank you both for at least giving me something to go on..yet..i decided i'm going to put myself in one huge plaster brace for a week or if the inflammation goes down..........i do swear, this is infammation X 10, and it's taking me down, again! i truly appreciate your input, i cannot do any med scripts due to my health insurance, i'm self pay.....pattie, it made perfect sense to me about posture.........i tried did not work, yes, i am guilty of humping over, i am gonna take a piece of wood strap it to my back so i cannot make the same mistake's all about re-learning. whoa, i'm getting to old for this.
fantod, thank you for your input also....i never slept correctly since i was born.........yet, i also noticed, you may be certainly correct, i do not want to know the anwser(sp)....just do not want to be in this place and time when i cannot control what is going on!
i've got to get this 2 X 4 off my back, then slave myself to an old mattres and heating pad.
pfinch...take no offense to what i just said, i am simply running scared
thank you both so very much..i honestly believe these spells come on with stress



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