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Funny thing happened
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axxie - February 21

You know how it feels not being able to quickly recognize a sign, a face, a name. Me think my fibro is really kicking in in my brain part....

So last week, husband takes me out to a private club, oh la la, I felt I had to dress special and I was feeling giddy. (this usually never happens, you know the pain, sometimes will not let you feel giddy)..._

Anyway, here we were with friends, having a beautiful dinner, remember I said private club, so anyway, we have this violonist who was playing I'm just enjoying the whole kit and kabootle.

Hubby and I share a bottle of wine, after a short time everyone is enjoying a nice dessert and coffee.

This women appears, dressed to brave the Canadian winter and she's handing out business cards. I'm a little peeved, why would this private club have people peddle. So of course I had to say something. I explained to the lady, that she could'nt just walk in a private club and bother people who are enjoying their dinner. After all it's a private club......

My husband by this time, is kicking me in the shin under the table, only to be told that I told the person I spoke to was indeed a part of the club and plays the violonist.

I've seen this violonist for the past several years, I wasn't drunk, by I certaintly had a big brain fart. I did apologies, but I feel I actually passed the line of no return.

I keep getting these axe pain in my brain, I don't know if my brain is shrinking or maybe the pain I'm feeling has everything to do with me having these terrible bad moods.

I'll blame this one also on fibro. What a waste, get all pretty and feel actually like a woman, and have this big big brain fart. So embarrassed.
I'm sure the whole committee knows about my brain fart. My hubby probably thinks that I can't be trusted, no wine for her, otherwise I'm just that doll you can dress her but can't take her out, fear that I'll have another brain fart....

ARGGGGGGG, what the hell is wrong with my brain lately.....


rivermarie - February 21

The memory issues are horrible, I can relate. I own a couple companies and I would make a bank deposit to a certain account - I would double check everything. Then the next day I would get an overdraft fee because I deposited the checks into the wrong account. Even when I think I'm really paying attention sometimes, I just screw up. I can transfer the money to the right account no problem, but I've paid a few $35 OD fees and it still baffles me that I concentrate so hard and double check and I still screw up. Thank goodness I am the boss or I would have been fired by now. But really, if these are the worst things we do, its not so bad. If I get to the point where it hurts to think, I lay down for 20 minutes and that seems to help.



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