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funny taste in mouth
15 Replies
Lisa - April 13

Does anyone experience an abnormal taste in their mouth - sometimes metallic, sometimes bitter or chalky feeling?


Jean - December 12

Yes, I had that same metallic taste in my mouth about 1 year before all hell broke out. My doctor thought it could be because of the IBS problem but it can also be from mercury or other mtals you may be ingesting, it's a good question to ask your doctor. Hugs/


Suzanne - December 28

ALWAYS ! And thei ris something behind th ecounter at the pharmacy that you can rinse your mouth and something to brush your teeth with as well, for exreme dry mouth . Thi shelps me alot but I haven't used in quit sometime an dwith my fibrofog I can't remember the nam eof it : ( Ask your pharmist and hopefully they will know ! Actually it is NOT behind th ecounter, I'm sorry it's out where you can see it , but ask him for help ! I feel I'm not much help without th ename and started not to post, but thought your pharmacist might coul dbe of some assistance ! Also alot of medications give you all the symptoms that you posted above as
well ! Good luck to you !


Alison - January 3

I often wake up with a terrible taste in my mouth, even though I brushed my teeth before going to bed. I've taken to brushing my tongue when it gets really bad. It does seem to relate to the whole dry mouth thing, they tend to go together for me. I've found that always having a glass of water by my bed and sipping during the night can help a little, but other than that I'm not sure. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


Jean - January 4

Hi Lisa and friends: That funny taste in your mouth could be from heartburn too, the erupting acids in your stomach causing your esophagus that burning feeling and leaving that terrible taste. Just a thought, still ask your doctor. :) smile


CAROL - January 5

check with your dentist. it could mean you nean a root canal (sp).


Andrea - January 5

I get it too, I used to think it was my sinuses but i'm not sure what it is i believe it is dry mouth or cotton mouth whichever one you want to call it, like after a night of drinking to much but constantly their...ugh so annoying.


Juanita - January 12

I read that the pain reliever, Topamax, can cause metallic taste in your mouth.


Betty - January 15

Yes, I often have a metallic taste in my mouth. I also have that chalky feeling especially after eating. I found if you brush your teeth right after eating and use Biotene mouth wash it helps a bit. I have also stopped taking any form of artificial sweetners in anything I eat. (Which includes Splenda) and I think I see an improvement. I have been having mouth problems for over a year and no one seems to know what it is from. Do you have any swelling of the gums or tingling in your mouth area?


Charlie - February 2

Betty, I have not had the chalky taste, but I have had an occasional metalic taste. For the past couple of months I have had tingling in my mouth at the back around the tonsils and back of tongue as well as the back of my inside cheeks, like a prickling, like when the freezing comes out after a dentists needle. Also the glands behind my ears hurt, as though I had just blown up a balloon. I thought it might be an allergy of some sort and I have been trying to pin it down, whether it is a perfume or other chemical irritant. No luck yet and it drives me crazy along with the ringing in my ears that is constant. Any clues, anyone?


Dave, aged 48 - February 2

I don't get it now, but for the first couple of months I did. I likened it to the smell of ink, like when a biro leaks in your pocket. My first posting is on this page.


Pauline - February 28

Yes I do it's driving me crazy, any ideas?


Michelle - March 19

I am new to this forum but I often have the taste of metal in my mouth. I was dignosed with fibromyalgia approx 6 mo ago. I have many questions myself. This is one of them, I guess I am not the only one who tastes metal.


david - March 22

hi lisa i was on earlier about what to do next. anyway i started many months before i was diagnosed. with a funny taste in my mouth neither my gp or friends could help it was very weird then by pure chance i mentioned it to my dentist and she said it was because during sleeptime i squeezed my jaw together so tight i could cause my gums to bleed and this would lead me to think that i was tasting iron which was really blood i thought this was crazy then one night during unrefreshing sleep i went to the bathroom and gargled and the clear fluid came out red and even rinsing with water it was pinkish, so check with your dentist


Donna - April 13

Yes! It's very yucky. Seems much worse when I smell chemicals and perfumes. I wonder what it is from?


Al - April 13

you might want to see a dentist. I had this also, my doctor said it was normal. this continued for a month, I went to see a dentist at first there was nothing to see or notice on the x-rays. They said to come back in two weeks and they will redue the x-rays because teeth are funny and it can take some time for anything to show up on the x-rays. After two weeks I went back and sure enough there it was I has an infection on the inside between the teeth and I ended up with a root canal.



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