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peek_boo - July 17

Any thoughts on why there is such a weight gain with FMS if a person also experiences IBS? I should be skinny, skinny, skinny!




iliveinpain - July 17

OH MY GOD YES!! I'm the heaviest I've ever been in my life, I don't do anything different than I used to. I think I even eat less than I used to. I've cut out late nite snacking, etc., and I'm still overweight. I got married last month, and months ahead of time, I tried to diet and stepped up my exercising. Used to be years ago before I got really sick, that all I had to do was walk 30 - 40 minutes 4 or 5 days a week, and the pounds would fall off. Well I did this, and NOTHING!! I look fat in my wedding pix!! Wow, I never thought it might be related to FMS? hmmmmmm.......... very interesting..........


mimosette - July 17

I wonder if it is the FMS, or the meds we take to be able to live with the FMS ?

All my life I have weighed less than 100 lbs, way underweight at 5'4". At age 26 when I got pregnant, I weighed 96. The day I gave birth , I weighed 139.

Then at mid 30's, I started gaining very very rapidly. 260 at my heaviest.

When I was skinny, I ate junk. Lots of junk. Probably 3000 or more calories a day.Hardly ever ate a veggie.

Now, for the past several years, I try so hard to eat right. Even ate vegetarian for 3 years.

I am very small boned, my wedding ring is/WAS a size 4 1/2 !!! 250 lbs DOES NOT DO MY BODY ANY FAVORS !!

So, yeah, I totally can feel the pain with y'all.


peek_boo - July 17

I am currently on Cipralex, Celebrex, Synthroid and Trazadone ... not sure if any of these cause weight gain ... will have to do some reading I guess.



axxie - July 20

Yes, I was always 100 pounds forever, then I gained 34 lbs and still it was ok, but now no matter what I do, 180lbs is just not right.

My food diary for the day,

1 coffee with skim milk
fresh fruit
1 whole grain toast + 1tsp of peanut butter
1/2 juice with 1/2 water small glass

lunch soup homemade and 1 small piece of cheeze

supper, 1 salad with 2 squirts of vinagrete
1 steak 4 ounces or 4 ounces of chicken
1/4 cup whole grain rice

1 white tea in the evening plus handful of grapes

I'm well under my limit and I still gain weight

I take Cymbalta, Trazadone, Lozide, Synthroid and I'm hoping my doctor will give me Celebrex


JOEGIRL - July 22

peek boo,
I really didn't start putting on weight until I was put on Lyrica, I wonder if some of the other meds make fibroers gain to.?
I am not as active as I was before this pain came on me and I am sure that has a lot to do with why most of us gain weight since it hurts to exercise. Sad but true. Goodluck


L Light - July 22

After reading everyone's response to your question, I was somewhat taken back, but understand with taking medication unquestionably. I have had FM since 2006 and have managed it primarily with a massive change in diet, herbs, and gentle exercise. Took pain pills & anti-inflamatories when absolutely necessary (joints swelled at peak FM symptoms - complicated situations). Since changing my diet, I've not had any weight issues (which has blown my mind quite honestly, as I did most of my life).
I'm a healthy food person, but not obnoxious ... manage my popcorn, potatoes, periodic hot fudge sundaes, etc.

If you are interested in learning more, don't hesitate to let me know... Wish you the best in what ever you choose...

L Light


peek_boo - July 22

Hi L Light,

Yes I would very much be interested in more information on how you are managing this disease.

I look forward to hearing back from you.




axxie - July 23

I think the weight gain is partially caused by some of the medication we take. Also age has something to do with it and having remorse and always putting pressure on ourselves for trying to be miss perfect. It's all caused by STRESS.


PuttyTatLady - July 23

Hi, Peek. Just a stab in the dark... If you are taking Neurontin (Gabapentin), it makes you crave carbohydrates like mad. It will also make you crave milks, creams and sodas, which stir up the IBS.

My doc switched me to Topomax (Generic is Topiromate)and now I don't care if I eat (have lost 30 pounds in 5 months with NO exercise.

BTW, once I got off all milk products and started on a daily dose of macrobiotics I stopped having the IBS. I buy "Good Belly" juice in my supermarket and drink one every morning. No more D and no more foul odor.

I hope this gives you something to go on.



PuttyTatLady - July 23

P.S. and Lyrica is a cousin to Neurontin also (for your information).


L Light - July 23

Peek, pretty late right now, but wanted to let you know I will respond tomorrow when I have a tad more energy. Will be happy to share, as I have not been happier with this part of dealing with FM ... the least of my worries.

I'm in CA and not certain where you are, but our possible three hour time difference shouldn't be a problem... Will be on-line in the morning...



JOEGIRL - July 23

Glad to hear that some people can manage this disease and do ok. I was doing ok for a while now I am in a bad zone I guess. Hurting and gaining weight big time on the Lyrica. Now I dont think that is working good as it did .You mentioned you do gentle exercises. I would like to know what you. I use to workout everyday until this got me but the only thing I have been able to do is walk and walk slow at that and sometimes that even makes me hurt.Thanks,


peek_boo - July 24

Hi Cynthia ... I am starting to wonder about dairy products causing my IBS. I am going to delete them from my diet and see if that helps. Thanks for the info!



peek_boo - July 24

Hi Laurel ... I'm in Alberta, Canada. I work 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday so am usually on the computer in the evening.

Hope to catch up with you soon!



L Light - July 24

Peek & Joegirl,

I wrote this to post generally and thought I would just sent if off to you both - hope it helps.
After reading the blogs in some of these chat rooms, with much heart, I felt compelled to write. I was so astounded by the amount of women on medication (suffering the awful side effects - physically and emotionally), uninformed in understanding FM's hideous true nature, and frustrated by the lack of genuine understanding and support from the medical system. I want to take this opportunity to share the knowledge I have experienced 'first hand' and learned over time. I have had FM since 2006 and truly have learned to respect the depth of the message behind it.

Not all people share the desire of reasonable independence in health care; avoidance of the medical system 'taking charge' of your life. For those that do, I hope you find the following information helpful and somewhat relieving. If you would like to discuss further understanding in working with FM, I would be most pleased to talk with you. You can reach me at: natureintime at gmail dot com.

FM is becoming well-known as a condition that researchers and individuals who have experienced it, believe may be related to chronic fatigue syndrome. Reportedly muscles begin to ache in response to stress, lack of sleep, an injury or infection, or another trauma or disease. Pain might develop gradually and affect a wide area, or it may come on suddenly and sharply in specific areas. You might feel burning, stiffness, shooting pain, or an overall throbbing sensation. The soreness can center on the shoulders, the hip or upper thigh muscles, or the elbows and knees.

Perhaps FM's most distinguishable features are that the aches are often accompanied by anxiety, depression, fatigue, or an inability to sleep (thus making healing virtually 'un-cope-able' at times). Doctors often call the sleep disturbances non-restorative sleep; you may be able to drop off, but when you awake you don't feel rested. In fact, you may be even more fatigued. Sometimes intermittent sleep patterns accompany this condition, only to worsen the symptoms overall.

Symptoms of FM may worsen during periods of stress, overexertion, trauma, extreme temperature, infection, or emotional crisis. Although FM isn't dangerous or life-threatening, it can be very disruptive. Curiously, it is seldom seen outside of Western industrialized countries, leading researchers and people with FM to theorize that lifestyle or dietary factors play a role.

Unfortunately, FM is easily mistaken for other kinds of pain. But anti-inflammatory drugs such as naproxen and ibuprofen seldom lessen FM pain.

*** As an individual who has experienced FM since 2006, in some profoundly disturbing ways (i.e. swelling of knees, inability to walk, awful anxiety, pain, insomnia, etc.), I tell all of you, there is definite "light" at the end of this tunnel in life. I have not used 'any' of the new drugs put on the market and have come through each 'flare-up' or 'episode' with a better and clearer understanding of how my body is dealing and coping with each crisis period. At my absolute worst periods (twice) I took prednisone to bring the swelling down in my knees and intermittently have taken pain medication when absolutely in need. Bottom line, your personal understanding is your best remedy and future healing potential.



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