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Frozen shoulders and torn muscles
8 Replies
englishrose - May 24

Hi guys how many of you have or are suffering frozen shoulder and torn muscles ..I'm on my second frozen shoulder in just over two years painful is not the word and to cap it all i'v just been told i have a partial thickness muscle tear on the same shoulder that i have frozen shoulder on ..No idea how it came about but looks like its going to need surgery .Does anyone else suffer with these things ? Its hard enough to cope with all the other aches and pains as i'm sure you all know but this is starting to get me down ...Thanks for letting me moan guys ..


January - May 24

Hi englishrose! It's been a while. Sorry you are hurting… I have a similar problem… so tell me more? How did they diagnose you and why do you need surgery?? What are the symptoms besides severe pain?

I have one very painful shoulder joint - I just woke up with it a few months ago. I've been hoping it would go away, as I had a very painful hip joint for over a year - and then it went away. It seems like the same symptoms, trouble with rotating the joint - it gets stuck part way and then it's just TOO painful to move it further.

My shoulder pain radiates down the arm and into the neck at times. Now the other shoulder is feeling a bit stiff and painful. I can't tolerate surgery. So I have been treating my shoulder with DMSO (an alternative medicine that is used in veterinary med, with race horses.) I read everything I could, and it's not FDA approved, but I accept my responsibility. It works wonders, I think. When I put it on my shoulder joint, in a minute I am able to move my shoulder with less pain. So I've been trying to exercise it gently. The problem is it isn't going away. (Though like I said, it took the hip problem over a year - and then it just mysteriously got better!) I remember decades ago, my mother was diagnosed with fibro - and her main symptoms were pain in the shoulder and hip muscles. (Back then, that was what they considered fibromyalgia.)

So how did they diagnose the muscle tear? And the frozen shoulder? Did you get Xrays or MRIs or what?


englishrose - May 25

Hi January it has been a while..Thanks for your reply..Sorry to hear your suffering badly too pain where ever is not good..I was X rayed and then sent for a scan the findings are what the doctor had suspected..So i now have an appointment to see the surgeon in June he will let me know if he thinks it needs an op..Like you i'm not really looking forward to an op but i really cant put up with this pain .. Painkillers just about take the edge off but nothing more and as you mentioned the pain is not only in one place but down the arm and also down my back.. Seems if its not one thing its another and sometimes several things at once..I'm hoping that your alternative medicine works for you i think you reach the stage your almost willing to try anything..Take care and thanks again


lauriellc - August 13

It looks like it has been a while since this was posted. I hope both of you are doing better. I am new to this forum but I have been suffering torn muscles in different areas of my body for a number of months now. One was the muscle around the sternum (chest wall). I thought I was having a heart attack and went to the ER in the middle of the night. The Xray found the torn muscle so it proved I wasn't crazy but RICE was prescribed - typical. The latest is a torn calf muscle. The ones in between have been in my neck and shoulders which cause headaches. It takes a long time for these tears/pulls to heal and I have a difficult time with the doctors. They look at each thing separately and even though a neurologist diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia in April of 2011 I would prefer to investigate my own way to prevent these tears. Anything new from either of you in the last year that can help?


January - August 14

Hi laurielc -- it's late, I just buzzed by here and saw your post. I have to say that I never had surgery. Nor did I go for PT, I just did the gentle exercise at home and waited it out, and my shoulder is now FINE. I never got a scan on it either, so I don't have a firm diagnosis. It sounded a lot like frozen shoulder or capsulitis, and it was incredibly painful, especially if I bumped my shoulder - YIKES!

I had forgotten that I used the DMSO on it. I also ate a lot of pineapple and tried something called Serrapeptase. I didn't take it for very long, but that seemed to help. Other supplements I take are things like MSM and SAM-e which help with joint pain. I had the painful shoulder for months, and the doctor recommended cortisone shots (OF COURSE!) I said no. I'm trying to think how long it took to improve - I'd guess a few months.

I don't know about the muscle tears. Never been diagnosed with it. Does it just happen spontaneously? Do they affect your joints? I am so sick of run arounds with doctors, I tend to avoid them as much as I can. But I know there are times when you really need treatment. Depends on your situation. Hoping you feel better. And, welcome to the site! Hope you will show up and share your experiences with us all! : )


lauriellc - August 14

Hi January, I'm glad to hear you are doing better. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to look into the Serrapeptase. Like you, I don't like the "band-aids" prescribed by the docs. As far as the muscle tears, I didn't relate it to the Fibro at first but after some research it appears that weakened muscles leading to tearing is very common for fibro patients. It makes sense with all the muscle pain we experience. Yes it is somewhat spontaneous. I suffered the chest wall tear a few days after I had spent an entire day throwing up and dry heaving. I believe it was a result of that for me, still according to research it usually takes a little more for that muscle to tear. As far as the leg goes, stepping off a curb was all it took. I am 160 lbs. and 5'6" but my doctor's favorite line is that if I would lose weight I wouldn't have these problems, even my husband (thank God for him) thinks that is ridiculous. I appreciate having this site even just to read the experiences of others. Those closest to me are very helpful but it is overwhelming for them too and I cannot share with those around me (work or even church) because of the affect it might have on my career so having this forum is a good way to keep things in perspective.


January - August 15

Hi lauriellc - I just googled "supplements for muscle tear recovery" and snagged this from a site called livestrong:

"There are numerous nutritional supplements that may be appropriate in repairing your torn muscles. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, both herbal and non-herbal nutritional supplements have historically been used in treating muscle tears, including glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, bromelain, vitamin C, zinc, white willow bark, turmeric, and horse chestnut. Further clinical research evidence for some of these supplements may be required to determine their true effectiveness for this particular health complaint."

If you have a shellfish allergy, be careful about using glucosamine, that can sometimes come from shellfish. Bromelain is the enzyme found in pineapple (bromelain tablets hurt my stomach, so I just ate lots of pineapple). Serrapeptase is an anti-inflammatory and proteolytic and works with many problems. It seems to be pretty safe. Make sure before you take anything, you check with your doctor AND google to read up about the side effects and interactions - sometimes doctors don't know. So if you do the research first, you can print out information and address questions with your doctor. And.. you probably already know this!

I don't know about your diet, but would imagine that you could strengthen your muscles if you ate a little more protein? There are supplements you can take to help build up muscle also.

Your height and weight sounds fine to me! It's true, losing a little weight does help take the strain off, but I wouldn't guess you're "overweight." And I understand about keeping your mouth shut about the fibro. I used to talk about it freely - but people who don't have it just don't understand. They have all kinds of weird mistaken ideas, and of course there's always the old "Well, you look just fine.." (so you must be faking it!) Have a good rest of the week! : )


lauriellc - August 15

I so appreciate your wealth of information. I do my own research but sometimes it's hard to tell whether a site is just trying to sell something or give you valuable information. I have found a supplement with the Bromelain in it. Also has glucosamine. I'm looking forward to giving it a try. My muscle gets better every day and I did return to work today. I think you and I feel the same about docs and reactions from those that don't understand. I'm forgiving but I tend to follow my own path. I already focus on low carb/high protein because my husband is a diabetic (not overweight either). We are pretty health conscious. I don't take a lot of prescription meds because I don't like to and I am picky about the supplements because of getting too much of certain ones. I am more homeopathic. Even though I eat a lot of protein already I may have to look into additional supplements there. Thanks again, I will keep checking this site also for other ideas. I appreciate the resource especially when new things happen.


January - August 20

Hi lauriellc - Yes, we DO sound like we think alike! Do you use any homeopathic remedies? I had one bad experience with rhus toxicodendron (poison ivy) - not good for me! Curious to know if you found anything that helped with fibro?

Glad to hear your muscle is feeling better. I think the old doctors used to be more inclined to give you some "counseling TLC" and wait before treating things aggressively. Often, the body will heal itself over time. But the newer crop of doctors are trained to write prescriptions for everything - not so good, IMHO! Well, good for company profits! ; )

PS. Just an aside. i've read in the research from Life Extension that metformin is one drug that has a lot of positive benefits. It's used for diabetes. Don't know if your husband takes this or not - there have been some problems recently with some of the diabetes drugs, as I'm sure you know. Metformin not only treat diabetes, but has a positive effect on many other systems in the body - according to the research I read.



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