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Frozen shoulder worries
7 Replies
englishrose - February 28

Hi guys i have a question is frozen shoulder part of fibro or something different ?...I'm currently suffering with my second frozen shoulder but i'm repeatedly told its not a part of my fibro ..Does anyone else here get them too ? Starting to wonder if doctors know what fibro really entails..Hope your all ok x


January - February 28

LOL! (Not really funny.) I just read your nice post about the herbals, hope you find something that helps you! Then I read this - and I too am dealing with painful joints. There are some posts on here about this issue. So maybe this is part of fibro?

It's hard to get a proper diagnosis on complicated joint pains, I think. What happened with your "first" frozen shoulder? How was it diagnosed and treated?

I've been taking hyaluronic acid for a couple years and I swear it has helped my knees.


englishrose - March 1

Hi again January thanks for the reply ..Sorry to hear your suffering too i can sympathise..I was diagnosed with fibro some two and a half years ago and i had the frozen shoulder about the same time but was told point blank it was nothing fibro related.. I decided to go the natural way to recover and in total it took some 22 months to be cured ..I did have hydro and some physio but it was a long and very painful time and here i'am struggling again ..Fibro as you know is tough enough to deal with but with added problems it becomes impossible..Really hope you get some ease soon xx


Fantod - March 1

englishrose- Frozen shoulder is associated with Fibromyalgia. It is not part of the syndrome. Some people with FMS have frozen shoulder and some don't. It is also possbile to have frozen shoulder and not have FMS.

Take care.


January - March 4

As I was reading up on shoulder problems, I read about adhesive capsulitis - which I think is my problem - and was surprised to see it was sometimes linked to diabetes. News to me. Don't know if you have a problem with blood sugar?

I think I'm doing OK. It is not as painful as it was two weeks ago, and I'm trying to keep it moving (gently)! I prefer the natural route too! Supposedly this problem usually does resolve with time. Hope you are better too!


allenmark - March 4

Hello all i want some more tips on symptoms like this.


OnaJourney - March 4

I experienced frozen shoulder prior to full blown fibro. I sympathize with you. I started with only bicep and shoulder discomfort which I thought was from exercise. I had full range of motion. Doctor said physio was necessary. After 3-4 sessions of a therapist swinging my arm this way and that, I was unable to move my arm at all. That was the end of physio.

It took a year to resolve, but some residual stiffness/lack of mobility lasted even longer. I had a cortizone shot which made no difference. Acupuncture helped the most, as it provided some pain reduction and helped to increase circulation to the area. Moving the arm forward and backward, bit by bit each day, helps to gain mobility. Hope this helps.


tinosgirl - March 4

I have just had ten facet shots and four epidurals from a pain management doctor who assures me the shoulder is from fibro. Felt terrific in December, almost forgot how good it felt to be normal. First week in February, all the pains came back. So much time and money for all those shots and here it is again.



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