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Frog in throat
10 Replies
Iori - March 27

ok i am dying to know if this is yet another stupid fibro thing. i am constantly trying to clear my throat. it feels stuck/blocked on one side (the same side as my worst chest & back pains...) and i can never seem to get it fully cleared. its not even like there is a lot of phlegm (sorry to be gross) there's hardly any at all once i get it partially cleared. it weird, like my pipes are blocked on that one side only. its a totally "unproductive" cough. it drives me crazy! i have had all the breathing tests (incl spirometer where you blow hard into that thingee) & they say not only is everything ok, but "above average". sure doesn't feel like it! aghhhh.... its so frustrating. my doc said this can happen with tight neck/chest muscles. sometimes when i breathe i can even hear a high whistling sound. its been going on for a few years & its damn uncomfortable. i feel like there are so many of these dumb little (annoying painful) things wrong with me now! does anyone else get ANYTHING like this too? thanks for your help.


JJ1 - March 27

That's a new one for me, haven't heard specifically of that problem but what your doc says kind of makes sense. What I have found is that about every weird thing that has happened with my body over the last few years, with exception of the fatigue due to anemia, has been fibromyalgia related. If something really weird comes up I report it to my doctor, but you have already done that.


dream69 - March 27

This is called dysphagia and it is common in people who have fibromaylgia.


Iori - March 28

I looked up: Dysphagia is a medical term defined as "difficulty swallowing". It derives from the Greek root dys meaning difficulty or disordered, and phagia meaning "to eat". It is a sensation that suggests difficulty in the passage of solids or liquids from the mouth to the stomach. which has nothing to do with my coughing or chest soreness. i have no trouble swallowing at all... so no that is not what it is for me at least.


Iori - March 28

it feels like its in my "breathing pipes" not my throat or esophagus.


Fantod - March 29

I get really hoarse especially when I am tired. I can't get my throat clear and sound like I'm a four pack a day smoker. Anyone else experience this problem?


dream69 - March 29

Sorry Lori for the wrong info! Dysphagia is common in fibro.


larry - March 31

Mary Shomon talks about your symptoms in her books. Your thyroid could be enlarged. A sonogram/ultrasound of your neck will tell you if this is the case. Do you like to wear turtleneck sweaters?


Iori - March 31

why do you ask about turtlenecks?


larry - March 31

Sometimes people with enlarged thyroids ( I had one) unknowingly avoid wearing anything tight around their necks. I also did this unknowingly and when I read about this in Mary Shomon's book, it really hit home with me. Do you also have post nasal drip or sinus infections?


Jean Taylor - March 31

I have a few throat issues. One is that sometimes I go to swallow and it just doesn't want to work. It's usually when I have all of this excess drainage that is always accompanied by this weird profuse and thick saliva. Seems to correspond with IBS symptoms. But, I also have the tight windpipe feeling with this slight whiny wheezing. It bugs me most when I'm trying to go to sleep or nap. My newest thing is waking up with a strange dry throat - like I've been breathing through my mouth - but I don't think I have been. I swear - it's something new every week!!



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