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frightened of numbness in face
2 Replies
peachmelba - June 16

hello fibro sufferers, i was wondering if anyone out there got numbness in just certain areas of the face?, only tonight my top lip has started to go numb and around my nose. like you get when its really cold, if anyone has these symptoms i would be grateful if you would let me know please, as i am very frightened,thankland kind regards.


fibromite.u.k. - June 16

I wonder if you suffer from any allergies or migraines? It is very common to have numb areas of your face especially around your lips when having a migraine or just before. Allergies can also cause this. If it starts to swell or if any part of your mouth, i.e. tongue etc, swells then you need to go to the emergency dept. I often get numb areas around my lips and it is sometimes caused when the pollen count is high as well is during a migraine attack. I hope this may be of some help to you.


WMC722 - June 17

Peach, I had the same problem this time last year. My tongue went numb on the right side then my gums, lips, face, ear, head.. etc.. The whole side ended up going numb. I called my doctor and she had me come in. She said Bell's Palsy, but that didn't turn out to be my problem AT ALL. I had developed demyelinating lesions in my brain from Enbrel (the injections for RA, Chron's, ankylosing spondy..etc). We found this out through an MRI. About two weeks after my face went numb I had blurred vision and seriously bad vertigo. I was miserable for a few months until the lesions went inactive.
Bell's Palsy is only when your face goes limp and numb. I could still move parts of my face and it was not drooping by any means. I'm so glad my husband forced me to call the doctor. If I hadn't the lesions could have spread and multiplied. I still will always have the lesions I developed and only time will tell as to when and if they will come back. I know this because my Neuro referred me to Mayo clinic. They reviewed my case and called me within a week with an appointment date. I traveled by plane with my dad. I live pretty far from Rochester, MN but it was well worth the flight and week's hotel stay to see all of the doctors there. They diagnosed me with FMS and dealt with the aftermath of my brain demyelination.
Good luck and I hope it is NOTHING like what I had. I didn't tell you all of that to scare you, but to express how dire the situation can be. (((hugs)))



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