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Frequent Urination Anyone????
12 Replies
ptalana - March 3

Before I was diagnosed with FMS I went to my OBGYN for my regular biopsy (I have early stages of cervical cancer), I was having extreme pressure and was told my bladder was falling out. Since I had a spinal injury due to a fall at work they couldn't put me under, I was concious for the entire operation and felt alot of the pain. The problem is now I'm experiencing the same pressure and frequent urination. This surgery was supposed to last 15 years! Does anyone else have these symptoms??? I'm wondering if this has more to do with having FMS, than my bladder coming unattached again? I'm praying I don't have to undergo this surgery all over again. I already have another surgery mapped out very soon.


Fantod - March 4

Patty - Frequent urination or the feeling that you have to go is associated with FMS. I have a problem with that as well periodically. It is very annoying. You might ask your doctor if one of the medications for it such as Detrol would help. Take care and let us know how you are doing.


ptalana - March 4

Fantod, thanks for your response, I was taking Detrol before and after my surgery. My specialist had said after six months it shouldn't be necessary any more. Knowing that this is a symptom of FMS gives me hope that this is not my bladder falling out again!!! I will ask my doctor for a script for the Detrol again, it did help when I was taking it. Thanks again, Patty.


Anne Hillebrand - March 5

Frequent urination in FMS is very common, usually with the Overly Acidic Version.

About 90% of Fibros have this version.

The body is trying to dump acid every chance it gets to try to correct it.

Test your Saliva pH. Human saliva is supposed to be 7.4 Lower numbers mean too acid.

The FibroFix site tells how to reverse the symptoms of FMS, including this Version, using common over the counter meds + tricks and tips.

The pain and problems stop as soon as you get everything adjusted. Not a cure, but you don't have to live with the symptoms.


axxie - March 6

You are not alone, been through the re-attachment a few times to be exact. The last time they gave me an epidural. It was a breeze to past through, doctor told me if I felt anything to let her know, that they would push in more freezing.
Your bladder is probably not falling out, more likely you are just feeling the contractions. I used to until they put me on Cymbalta 60mg for my FMS and it took away that terrible feeling of the contraction from your bladder. Now I go to the washroom a few times less. I read somewhere that Cymbalta did help on the bladder also. You may want to try that, maybe.
Good luck


JOEGIRL - March 8

Now that this has been mentioned I hadn't thought about it being related to fibro. I have had freguent urination a while but I do drink a lot. I am always thristy . I have been having a pressure feeling and I wonder if its my bladder... Guess I need to go to my OBGYN for a checkup. Its been awhile. What are the symtems of bladder falling besides running to bathroom??


ptalana - March 9

Hi Joegirl, I had the feeling of something actually falling out, the pressure was pretty intense. Originally I thought it was part of my cervical cancer, but when my obgyn examined me he said that my bladder was falling out, and surgery was required ASAP. At the time of my surgery I had suffered another severe whiplash at work (fainted and fell off my stool landed once again on my head)!!! So I was not able to be put under nor were they willing to give me a spinal due to previous spinal injury. They gave me extra doses of morphine through IV, I still felt the stitching portion of the re-attachment. Hopefully this is not your situation, good luck and let me know how things go. Take care, Patty


JOEGIRL - March 9

Thanks for the info ,Patty, I made me an app. to see my obgyn in a couple weeks. I pay a fortune for my health ins. so I need to use it and I am pass due for a checkup anyway.
I had a nice day today without too much pain. One thing is because it is warmer weather.If I had days like this more often it sure would be nice.
Hope everyone here had a good day also.
Patty, you mentioned you have another sugery mapped out soon. Hope all goes well.


Mimi G - March 10

I've had Fibro for many yrs. and I can tell you that I have lots of frequent urination. I can't buy enough toilet tissue. I also experience burning sensation/pressure and lots of accidents when I have a cold/cough. Expressed this to dr.'s had examines and they have no answers for me. So I cope. But the most annoying is having to get up in the middle of the nite. I have given up caffein that helps too! Have to go now...LOL


ptalana - March 10

Thanks Joegirl, my surgery has been cancelled 2x so far, I got sick after attending a family function. We are hopefully on track for this week. My throat and stomach lining have been badly damaged from the reflux I have developed thru this crazy disease(FMS)!!! I am constantly getting sick to my stomach, waking up with my mouth full, yeah I know major yuck!!! Hopefully I will get some relief. Take care and good luck to you as well. Patty


monicarox11 - March 14

Hey Patty, I am 21 years old and I too have been having urinary problems for several years now. Recently in January, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have read in some places that urinary problems can occur with this disorder. My problem is I wonder if it is the disorder and how I can overcome this menace symptom. All I know is that i go to the bathroom several times in the night when i am trying to rest and many times throughout the day. My Urologist put be on two different bladder medications;both did little to relieve my problem. I wish you nothing but the best luck in the future and good health included. Hopefully you find the answers and solutions you are searching for.


monicarox11 - March 14

axxie, I was put on Cymbalta as well b/c of my FMS. I have only been on it now for about a month and still have yet to see if it will relieve my urinary frequency. I hope it will help though. How long have you been on Cymbalta and when did you start to notice that it was helping your urinary symptoms? Thank-you,Monica.


ptalana - March 15

Hi Monica, I'm sorry to hear that you are having this same frustrating problem. I wish I had some cure all for this, unfortunately I don't. Before and after my surgery I was put on Detrol, it did help a bit. At this point in time I've decided to just put up with this syptom and try to get used to all the meds I'm on now before I add another. I wish you all the best, and if you find anything that works please let me know. Please take good care of yourself. Patty



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