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freezing feet
6 Replies
jrzgirl - February 15

does anyone know the best socks to wear/buy, I am currently wearing 3 pair of socks and my feet are ice of my legs too! I still have 18 days until my Ruem. Dr appointment, now for the last week, my ribcage, and back are really hurting(muscle)does anyone have this, it seems lately I have been getting more problems with pain, and depression. I take anti-depressents and tranqilizers, and Darvocet for the pain
any help, gladly acceped


iliveinpain - February 16

I don't know about what you can wear, but if you're sitting at a job, maybe you can invest in a space heater to put on the floor by your feet. At work today, I had on 2 pair of socks under my shoes, and I have a space heater that I keep right under my desk aimed at my poor freezing feet. Today I had the space heater turned up to 93! WOW, and it took hours to feel warm enough where I was able to turn it down. It's winter weather making our pain so much worse and not to mention our levels of fatigue and depression. I know they sell those things that you heat up and put in your socks, I think I've seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond. Sorry, can't think of the name of them right now, but that's another thing to think about.


jrzgirl - February 16

I do not work outside the home, but I have more than enough stress, my husband is retired, his health is not good, diabetes, copd,sleep apnea, high blood pressure,gall stones but he makes himself feel worse by eating the wrong foods and not wearing a mask when working on the basement(sanding sheet rock)The Dr at the VA clinic told him he should realize he is not young anymore but he will not listen(68).He is NOT supportive and does not seem to care about how much pain I am in, and I have not been DX with anything yet


Fantod - February 16

Go to any sporting goods store and ask them for the gel packs that hunters use in their shoes to keep their feet warm. I don't know if that will help as I suspect that you have Raynauds but it is worth a try. I don't think the inserts last for more than a couple of hours but it might be worth a try. They have them for hands too. Costco sometimes has them too.

I hope that you are keeping a list of your symptoms on a daily basis so you can show the doctor what you experience. Take care.


jrzgirl - February 18

I have not been keeping a list but will start tomorrow, most of them I can remember but as I write those down ,I will add each new symptom to the list


ptalana - February 18

I agree with Fantod regarding the importance of writing down all your symptoms to bring with you to your upcoming appointment. My fibro fog is so bad when talking to my attorney recently I kept forgetting what I was talking about and forget about annunciation, I sounded like a 3yr old. How embarrassing!
The gel packs are worth a try, I use them in my mittens because my hands are always so incredibly cold and crampy. They do help temporarily, but I'll take whatever help no matter how small at this point.
Good luck with everything, Patty:)


Fantod - February 18

jrzgirl - I'd like to also suggest that you bring someone you trust to the appointment. You've been under a tremendous amount of stress. I think it would be helpful to have a second set of ears there to hear what the doctor says about your health issues. Two heads are always better than one especially when seeing a new doctor and managing complex health issues. You may not absorb everything the doctor tells you. Having someone else there to hear all of the information without being the patient might be a good idea.

Incidentally, I googled to see what else I could find about keeping your feet warm. Apparently there are socks for hunters that do a pretty good job. I imagine any decent sporting goods store should have them. However, you are most likely dealing with a circulation problem (Raynauds) so I'm not sure how effective they would be. Hang in there and take care.



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