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Freedom From Fibromyalgia
11 Replies
Iori - April 20

Hi guys, I haven't been around here much anymore because I have been doing a lot of work on healing myself. I want to thank everyone who ever posted anything about the mindbody connection to fibromyalgia out here. I have found an amazing book by Dr Nancy Selfridge called Freedom From Fibromyalgia. She is a doctor who once suffered from severe fibro herself & is now recovered. her book explains how years of built up tension & stress start to overload our nervous systems until symptoms start to spill over. usually there is a catalyst that finally starts the symptoms up in us, like a divorce, break-up, accident, surgery, chronic anxiety, depression, loved ones dying. Our bodies can only take so much & some of us are just much more sensitive than others. I cannot thank the people out here enough who kept talking bout this stuff. I used to just ignore it all until one day I was bored & just started reading stuff online about it. There are other good books by Dr Sarno & Dr Brady that other people have also mentioned before. It doesn't matter which book you read, pick whichever one, I am not a salesperson... it doesn't matter. at least Google "fibromyalgia bodymind stress" or something like that. you owe yourself that much.... I am working my way thru & understanding more everyday. I really do hope this helps somebody else. best wishes & take care everyone - Lori


Iinda - April 22

How sad that no one ever cares about good news here.


skidoo - April 23

Couldn't you just say something warm and fuzzy to Lori instead of insulting everyone who didn't feel like replying to Lori????? And hey, Lori, since Linda seems to think a lack of response to you means EVERYONE DOESN'T CARE about good news and we know Linda knows all, I would like to show I care, and I would presume most of us do care, by saying FANTASTIC that you are feeling better and I am so glad you found something that works for you!!!!Thanks for sharing your good news. (are ya happy now Linda? Now your turn to say something nice.)


Iinda - April 23

Lori knows that I care + I have posted scads of warm & fuzzy's on this site skidoo. which is more than I can say for you. I have yet to see you post anything but rude gripes about the cost of Fibro Fatigue centres! You are strange.


larry - April 24

Lori, congrats on getting better! It appears that your books' author (and doctor) shares the same theory of the system overload as many doctors in the medical community that are having great results in treating fibro patients. Dr. Jacob Tietlebaaum (also a former fibro patient) and the Fibro and Fatigue Centers also talk about this. It all boils down to the same theory that if just one of your endocrine glands is "off" or "stressed" then you have the same fibro symptoms. One gland then usually affects the other glands negatively until your other glands can't keep up trying to compensate at which time you overload your system and blow a circuit. (Very similar to blowing a fuse/circuit in your house!) The fibro centers also address the underlying infections that might have "attacked" one of the glands that resulted in more stress on your body's circuit. ( if you had mono, reoccuring sinus infections, yeast infections, post nasal drip, urinary infections then you have undiagnosed underlying infections) Thanks for sharing, I would love to hear more....especially if they also address the infections such as Epstein Bar, Herpes, CMV, etc... Thanks again and congrats.


larry - April 24

I also love Dr. Brady's fibro personalities!! What you are saying makes sense. Pls keep us updated.


JJ1 - April 24

I am sorry to say that I have not given these books much thought even though I own a few that were passed down to me by a friend and started reading some but never got far enough into them to get to the "meat". I also looked at some of the websites. I fully understand how stress can cause (and likely did cause my) fibromyalgia. I just don't understand how to get past that understanding. How does understanding this lead to a feeling better? Maybe I get lost before I get far enough in the book or the web posts, but I just don't understand what the magic cure in these books is. ............. I have long known that stress is a major factor in my fibromyalgia. Mine started soon after my mother passed away. Before she died I was dealing with my father with Alzheimers (he passed away before her), my mother with recurrent cancer, working full time in a professional career (eventually reduced to part time), and raising 3 young children. I had to reduce my work load by going part time to cope and this reduced my stress and helped alleviate some symptoms. Now, I recognize that I have flare ups at stressful life events (Christmas holidays are one recent example) and I can sort of prepare myself for the stress and that seems to mediate the flare up somewhat. Is this what the mind-body stuff is all about? Just emotionally preparing yourself for stressful events and making sure to plan some calming "me time"?


Imelda - May 1

Nice skidoo... Linda is 100% right about you! You are strange and weirder than weird! ROTFLMAO... get a hobby and a new attitude!!!


Theadora - May 5

Larry my friend! You like the Brady personality's too hey? Such good good work he has done for chronic pain suffrers! What a man, what a guy, kind like you! Gold stars all around!!! Nice to see you are still working here! don't let the miserable goats get you down. you have mucho care in your heart for others, blessings to you!


Theadora - May 5

Heee Haawwww to you Skidoo!


Theadora - May 5

JJ it is not about avoiding stress! there is no escape in life from that. is about changing you thinking and the ways you deal with everything. it is life overhaul complete. you must journal, keep mind off symptoms, dig deep and be honest with youself, it is hard work but worth it! if you have these books why do you not read them??? maybe than you would understand. I cannot make a whole book in one paragraph to explain, the read and work is up to you... there is no "magic cure" ever in life! the answer is right under you nose, or laying in a box or bookcasein you house somewhere. Good luck to you.


Iinda - May 5

Jenny, this is the post I mentioned in my reply to you. Theodora, goats and gold stars hey? you are just hilarious. LOL!



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