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forgetfulness...speech problems
9 Replies
JenV - March 13

I am constantly looking for the remote I just had or the phone I just got off of....I look around the place i have not moved from and it drives me nuts only to find it where I was sitting/laying. I stop in mid sentence forgeting the word I want to use son gets
Who out there has a story or advice?


JJ1 - March 13

Yep, it happens to me all the time and can be pretty embarrassing. I am always forgetting people's names, even those I know very well. Sometimes I feel like I need to play charades so that the person I am talking to can guess what I am trying to say. I will remember someone's name starts with an "M" for example, and my friend I am talking to will have to start naming everyone we know whose name starts with an "M". So embarrassing. i occasionally have to do public speaking as a part of my job and to my knowledge have not embarrassed myself publicly **yet***, but I am sure it is going to happen one day. I feel like I am going senile before my time (I am 48).


david251180 - March 25

ok lol Now i,m only 26 and this happens to me all the time to start with i used to get so stressed and upset about it but i,m learning to get used to it and since i,ve dyed my hair blonde i now have a good excuse (dye ur hair) :0) sry dont really have much advice on this one its just one of those things it happens xx


Jasen Morin - March 28

I like the hair thing thats funny. And yes forgeting your words is so frustrating. If it wasn't for my plug-in most of these words would be spelled wrong. Hurray for spell check. The everyday stuff is bad, but what I have found ti be the worst is when your words really matter. I got a ticket for my safety belt last year. I live in Quebec and the language here is French but my mother tongue is English so forgetting my words is real easy in French. Anyways I was wearing my belt so I took the cop to court. That was quite the experience. I couldn't, for the life of me, find the words to defend my case and I wasn't aloud a laywer. I ended up having to pay the ticket plus court fee's for something over which I have no controle.


teresat - March 28

Oh Jen, "BEEN THERE, DONE THAT"! I work as a bookkeeper & I forget ALL THE TIME if I have done this or that assignment. I think that I haven't only to find that I have & just don't remember doing it!!! I forget what I am saying mid sentence too, & wind up repeating my self all the time! This not only annoys the people I am talking to but I get annoyed at myself too!! The people that know me, like JJ says have to guess the next word, LOL!! Sorry I have no advice for you , but at least you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!


Questa - April 3

I have four dogs and sometimes my fibro fog is so bad that I call them by the wrong names, or go through all four till I get to the right one. Also, I see people I know in public and can't introduce them to my husband because I can't remember their names!


JJ1 - April 5

Unfortunately, I get my dog and youngest daughters names confused. But they do sort of act alike -- both extremely hyper. It drives my daughter crazy but the dog doesn't seem to mind.


neuro1 - April 6

JenV...I'm starting to notice the same problems. And since I'm a PhD level neuroscientist it's not good for me to forget things.
I find that if I keep to a fairly strict routine, my memory improves (less chance of forgetting something if you do it every day the same way). For example, when I come home at night, I put my keys in the exact same place. You need to retrain your brain for certain memory tasks. I have had to make my life much more regimented (unfortunate but it helps).
As far as improving your speech...I've tried many things (all suggestions from collegues who work specifically with ethe speech centers of teh brain) and I have yet to find a workable solution. I just take my time and apologize when it happens. I have to explain to my college students at the beginning of every semester that I will forget what I'm saying right in the middle of a lecture and it will take me a minute to get back to my thought. They generally find it amusing.


neuro1 - April 6

Also one more note...there is a drug Modafinil (it's a stimulant normal prescribed to narcoleptics and those suffereing from severe daytime exhaustion) that is often prescribed off-label as a nootropic ("smart drug"). It is believed to enhance cognitive abilities. Turner, et. al. have an article in the Journal Psychopharmacology (Volume 165(3), Jan 2003) entitled "Cognitive enhancing effects of modafinil in healthy voulunteers." Typical dosage was 100-200 mg (they used 60 men to study the drug on). Typicsl results were improved spatial planning skills and visual pattern recognition memory (both actually can help you remember where you put the remote or phone down last).
But as with any stimulant there are some dangers.
Bring it up to your doctor, especially if you have severe daytime fatigue. It might be an option to consider. please note if you have high blood pressure or are at risk for high blood pressure you will not be allowed to take this drug.


jenny bawden - April 7

Hi Jenny, from another Jenny... I agree it is so embarrassing.. like some others that have replied to you.. I have at times thought of playing charades and have even pretended to do so just to lighten a situation. I am blonde and so people do look at me with sympathy haha but it's when you look out the window and try to think of the word 'garden' and say 'squirrel' or the radiator is the square thing on the wall... ho hum ...



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