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4 Replies
Arista - March 2


I am a registered nurse. Aside from being moody, I have become increasingly and frightenly forgetful. I sometimes do not feel safe doing my job. There are times when I've seriously felt like switching careeers. If there are any other nurses out there suffering from this same type of thing please speak out. Or anyone in a high stress job where they feel that memory is crucial.



belle1329 - March 3

Im not in a high stress job, but accuracy is important, and Im just feeling awful about forgetting even when talking to co workers and friends. At first I thought it was Alzhimers, which my mom had and passed away from, she started at 68. getting memory loss from alzhimers is worse, but hate the feeling of forgetting things period :-(


axxie - March 4

It's hard when you forget, especially when you were great at your job. Does it get any worse, apart from the fact, we are constantly in pain, tired now we also forgetful.
I don't remember the last time where I woke up from a refreshing sleep.
If your at work and you forget, people are bound to figure out that there's something wrong, but more then not, they start to blame you for everything, when does it stop.


writerchick - March 4

I don't have a high stress job, but I am in a cognitively intensive grad school program. I'm finding it almost impossible to get my assignments finished. From momentary forgetfulness (what did I just read for the 3rd time?) to realizing that I am at a deadline that was 3 weeks away just yesterday. I forget what day it is more often these days and often panic that I've forgotten to go to work or show up to an appointment. I write everything down, but the panic is still there. You are not alone!


JOEGIRL - March 8

I forget a lot myself but I doing ok at my job so far. what gets me is someone can tell me something and we talk later and I forgot they told me. I will ask about it and they say I told you about that, I really get embarrassed when that happens.
I write down everything to try to remember appointments etc.



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