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8 Replies
Judy - August 8

how many of you suffer with memory loss and how do you deal with it. This cause's me the most trouble. I for get to do everything I set the alarm clock for time to pick the kids up from school. I have to write everything down in my date book or things want get done.


Anne R. - July 26

I have the "fibrofog" during flare-ups. I also set alarms and write things down. I never used to carry a calendar/planner before fibro, but now I do. It's hard not to be angry with myself for forgetting things; I think the most important thing to do is forgive yourself and know you are doing what you can to alleviate the problem. I'm still trying to do that!


Chris2 - July 26

HI Judy, Fibrofog is pretty nasty,I find it's the little everyday things that get messed up most. So, I try to keep a journal, and messages for myself. You just have to learn to laugh at some of this stuff. I know it's hard, and I wish you luck. Yours, in healthy living Chris2


Judy - July 27

Thank you both, I wish My family was as understanding as you. Myhusband gets upset because I cant remember things he tells me and the teenage kids they make me feel pretty bad I know they dont mean to but sometimes they can say things that can cut like a knife. I never use to have a planner either now I have three of them lol


Jenny - August 4

I also have "fibrofog" It is so irritating. People don't understand. They just think you are irresponsible. I have seveeral journals that I use, And I love sticky notes. I carry a small spiral notebook with me everywhere I go.


dana - August 4

fibrofog...yep, living with it is pretty rough at times. i no longer work as a nurse...i would be risking patient's lives if i did. yep, got the planner, the diary, tha calendar, and my personal favorite: the cell phone with calendar, to do list, alarm, and reminder.


Pam - August 4

I can relate, I have no short term memory whatsoever, it seems....but I can remember silly things like phone numbers I learned as a child. Odd. :) I would think alzheimers...but I'm only 25. lol....anyway, I do the same, I have a few calendars, notebooks, planners..and sticky notes are the greatest invention ever. Like Chris2 says, you just have to sit back and laugh at it...I understand about the family issues as well. My husband isn't very understanding at times either. I think he tries, but its just difficult for him, because he's never experienced it. Just hold your head up and do the best you can, because in the end, the only thing that matters is that YOU know you're doing your best. *hugs*


JJ - August 8

This is the most debilitating part of my FMS. I am fortunate that the aches and pains are all pretty minor for me -- tolerable at their worse. The IBS is annoying, but seems to be controlled with the Elavil that I take (i.e., getting restful sleep). This leaves the memory loss and fibrofog the hardest to deal with. My father had Alzheimers, so I am very familiar with teh symptoms so sometimes it is scary to me. Do you ever find your self using the wrong word in a sentence -- sometimes it is a word out of the blue that has nothing to do with the subject matter. How embarrassing . I don't even know I have done it most of the time until someone questions me (or my kids make fun of me). I am in a job where I do periodic public speaking and I just have to be very careful. Writing reminder notes doesn't help much because I forget to bring them with me or sometimes just forget to look at them. I miss almost every single doctor or other appointment unless someone calls to give me a reminder the day before. I put it on my computer Outlook program and set that up with automatic reminders, and this keeps me from missign important work-related meetings.


Susan - August 8

I haven' t been diagnosed with FM yet, I am also seeking answers. I have complained with memory loss, difficulty in focusing and feelings of panic. But, I do have many symptoms of FM according to some research I've been doing. Sometimes, I even forget what I'm about to say in the middle of a sentence. It's embarassing and I feel inadequate. I've never had problems articulating until after my parents died, suffering numerous traumas and the most recent a severe car accident. Bless you, I do understand how you feel.



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