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4 Replies
angela - September 21

why does fibromyalgia make me so forgetful? what can i do, i'm tired of losing my car keys and ect. i feel like i would lose my head if it wasn't attached! sick of feeling bad and on top of the pain, feeling like i am losing my mind!


Virg - September 11

Hi Angela, you're not loosing your mind.It's
one of the membership of fibermyialgia dues.
I get it bad sometimes. I think it's because
we are so fatigued at times and our brain is
working around all the pain we are dealing with
like trying to block pain when we are in the
middle of doing something. Meanwhile there's
dormant pain that we don't want brought up
to the surface.


embarrassed - September 13

I am so embarrased. I am at a conference for my work this week and I am forgetting everyones names, people I know well and SHOULD know their names. I was giving a talk and I was mixing up words. My flight across continent was very tiring and stressful and I think that is why I am so bad off.


Brandy - September 13

My "brain fog" is so bad that I am having neuropsychological testing done in Oct to find out if it is because of my fibro, dementia setting in, depression or a possible MS connection. My short term and long term memory is affected and altho I am 52, it is much worse than it should be at my age. I know that lack of sleep can cause this fog but I sleep ok. Stress is also a cause but I am a homemaker and my husband runs a successful business so I don't think I am stressed. As far as the pain... yes... that I totally have and that might be the cause of my forgetfulness. I hope these test will give me answers. I hope you find answers too and some relief to you pain. Good luck.


Ginny - September 21

I always wonder if it is fibro fog or just old age! I guess it doesn't really matter does it? God Bless all of you young people battling this giant.



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