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FOR DEBRA: Please Read
14 Replies
Name Witheld - September 21

Hi Debra. I hope you can receive this message in the manner it was intended. I have been coming to this site for 2 years. I remember when you first appeared, back in Jan or Feb of this year. You were new to the computer & told us that you had no life to speak of & had been bedridden in Toronto for 4-5 years. I had a lot of sympathy for you. You left very sympathetic messages for people, spending what looked like hours a day, everyday. But after awhile, I noticed that you would become intensely aggravated whenever someone would post their suggestions. There was one lady named Oreanah who you accused of trying to compete with you, just for mentioning guai or something. She was confused & so was everyone else. Then it was Anne Hillebrand. You have cursed her (using the F-word) numerous times as far back as April, even saying horrible things about her religious beliefs, for no reason other than you did not agree with her. Then Judy, who is just the sweetest lady, for talking about some juice drink, and my god... she was battling cancer! Your sympathy was very selective. I was amazed at the way you tore into people & even more at how no one fought back... until the drama with the books.... then it just turned into a free-for-all. I truly think that some people were just fed up & took this 'opportunity' to run with it & let you have a taste of your own medicine. I understand you feel you are right about your theories for FM & you are trying to find a cure. I think that is great, but... you need to let other people say their piece too. You are very angry, being chronically ill can make some people completely furious. Do you have someone you can vent to? Because this is not the appropriate place for that. Teenagers & elderly people should not have to be subjected to the negativity & profanity. I know that you say that people are using your name. For some of the silly junk I agree, yes. But anyone who uses the search engine can see that this has been happening with you for a very very long time. The site is aware of it. A number of us keep email correspondence with each other & have emailed the site about this. If you can be positive & non-combative you should stay. If not, find a site that requires an email address. There are many of them out there. I do feel bad for you because you must be in terrible pain. But so are the rest of us! I really do wish you the best.


saira - September 18

Please keep in mind that every post with the name "Debra" is not by the same person. Some may just be two people with the same name. Some are obviously done on purpose to aggravate one of the ones who goes by Debra.


Teddy - September 18

Saira perhaps you should have tuned in to Sesame Street when they played the 'one of these things just doesn't here' theme. If you haven't, that's you. Debra is the same pyscho person posting post after post of contradictory bullshit. First she's married, then she's single. Then she has jaw surgery. (how's your friend Angel Debbie Deb?) Next week I predict Deb is having a sex change. Maybe Shawna can REALLY go to town on Debra then. And Debra, which is probably Saira, please stop the bullshit.


Anthony - September 18

There's no question Debra needs help but for an illness that belongs on another site. The rest of us need help, too. We're tired, we're in pain, we're frustrated, among other things. This is a forum for fibromyalgia, not for lonliness, paranoia, frustrated love, or anything else. Can we keep the discussion simply to the topic for which this forum was intended and leave everything else alone? And Debra, if you believe people are out there impersonating you---ignore them!! Keep to the topic of FMS and I assure you, whatever BS is out there will go away. Please, we all need to focus on our malady and on making our lives better. So please, everybody calm down, keep the focus, and let whatever it is that needs letting go---go.


NW - September 18

Anthony, you are right on with this!


Shawna - September 19

You know Teddy,I haven't read one positive thing youv'e had to say to anybody. What is your problem? Are you so much better than the rest of us? It's like the old saying,"If you don't have nothing nice to say,keep your mouth shut!) I doubt you even have fibro. This is how you get your kicks,downgrading people to your pathetic level. Grow up and learn to respect others. What does your day consist of? Maybe you should do some volunteer work and help less fortunate people. It would probably give you a better outlook on life.


FYI - September 19

SHAWNA, you are crazy! you are the one who was writing sick lezbo stuff to Debra. Now all of the sudden, you're taking the high ground... you are as mental as Debra & perverted to boot! Go sell crazy somewhere else.


Teddy - September 19

Shawna, Shawna, Shawna. You are really becoming a waste of my time. Yes again you are the victim and everyone else on this board too. I really think you need to attend the Starting Over house. Do you realize you have said absolutely nothing positive in your post? You pretty much tried (pathetically I may add) to have personal judgement on my personal life and helping others. You're fucken psycho. Go fuck Debra, and try out for cheerleading since this what you try and do on this board. Rah rah rah, you are indeed pathetic. LOL


Anthony - September 19

If you read some of the other posts at this site you will get a sense what suffering others are enduring and just how serious the FMS is. Once you understand that this forum is intended to address those concerns AND NOTHING ELSE perhaps you will gain sufficient perspective to let go of this silly topic. People are truly suffering and deserve all our attention. So let it be. Ok?


Shawna - September 19

Hey Teddy,kiss your mom with that filthy mouth of yours?


Teddy - September 20

Shawna ...... I think I hear tickle me Elmo calling you....


Shawna - September 20

Teddy, how's it feel being a scavenger? Not too many friends,huh?


Teddy - September 20

Your posts are embarassing. Please retreat sweet some dignity....if there's any left...


Linda - September 20

TEDDY You should not be on this fibro fourm.I think you do not have Fibromyalgia.Leave these women alone.All you do is swear.Youre mouth is so dirty.Clean up your act.


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz - September 21

Name: donna | Date: August 17, 2006, 11:45 am
Answer: are some of you people not smart enough to realize that it was not Debra? Do you not realize anyone can type any name in? I've had enough of the people on this site blaming someone for something they did not do. Moving on..



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