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foot problems
4 Replies
christine - June 17

Hi. I have fibromyalgia and have experienced a worsening of foot pain and changes. I used to be able to stand for long periods of time and dance for hours, but now am struggling to stand still for a few minutes or walk around the grocery store. I went to a specialist and they made me a pair of orthotics which seem to make it worse! They said the big toe joint is being "jammed" when I walk and that I am developing arthritis in the joints and will need surgery in a year or so if it continues to get worse. Any one have any ideas? Thanks, Christine


Kelly - June 9

Hi Christine, Be sure to get a few opinions in regards to surgery. Sometimes it's not necessary. I've had fibro for 9 years now. The feet pain began 3 years ago and hasn't let up. It is terrible. My best advice is to keep the muscles soft by using heat and massage on a regular basis. I've tried laser, acupuncture, orthotics, ice none have helped. Keep trying till something does then let me know. Kelly


Dolores - June 13

After suffering with foot pain, numbness, tingling, and alternating feelings of hot and cold, I found a foot and ankle doctor who pre-scribed Lyrica. While not eliminating the above symptoms, I did get better than 50% relief. It's worth a try!


Louise - June 15

Hi, my pain and my journey with Fibro began in my feet about 11 years ago. Back then no one could tell me what it was, but my Dr. said that it wasn't arthritis. It felt like a knife was stabbing me through the bottom of my right foot. I was told by a specialist that my second toe was protruding out too far and that was the problem. When I asked why it had not bothered me until I was in my late twenties I was told that it might be the Fibro that made it an issue. Anyway, I couldn't afford the special shoes. I have a hard time finding comfortable shoes but the pain is nothing like it was six or seven years ago. I find myself repeating this over and over, but I have learned over and over that with Fibro symptoms can go away and new ones appear almost over night. Exercise has been a big help for me! I can walk around the grocery store where as for a long time it was very painfull for me also. I can't walk on a treadmill or for more than a block at a time but I found other exercise equipment that alows me to exercise without straining my feet. I would get another opinon about the surgery. I'm still learning like the rest of us but what I have learned is that for the most part our pain, discomforts, and inconveniences are due to our bodies "thinking" there is a pysical problem and therefor causing us to feel the pain. Just like me, your big toe being jammed into your shoe may not have been a problem was it not for the Fibro. Good luck! and Good Feet!


Judy - June 17

Ihave had a lot of trouble with my feet as well. I sometimes feel that someone is poking a nail through the bottom of my heel. I did have trouble with my toes as well and what I did gave me relief. I started out with just massaging my feet and toes and then I would pull all my toes forward towards me as hard as I could. I would hold them for a few minuits and then release. I know that it hurts a lot, but then after a couple minuits they were good to go. Must be sort of a chiropractic move. I could not believe how simple it was. They still pop out once in a while, but now I know how to Fix the problem. Hope it works for you.



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