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Foot Pain Help
22 Replies
bbass - November 22

my massage therapist recommends a stretch for plantar...sit down and relax. have a strechy or long rope/scarf/rubberband that reaches to feet. lift one foot up with band on ball of foot and holding other side of band in your hand, make taunt. While holding band, slightly press foot down. leg should be straight out from body, do for a little bit then change to other foot. hope that makes sense...and hope I explained it right. anyhow, she says it stretches calf and helps with the plantar however you spell the f thing.


mypain - November 23

I too have the same condition...only my nerves in my feet were inflammed....I am taking ibuprophen to help...which has helped and I am going to see a foot doctor to see about inserts..

Good luck and keep us posted.


toots2889 - November 23

I agree with Fantod. I to had this same problem, so I made a appt. with podiatrist. I had a pinched nerve in my foot. I had to go in for a couple of shots, but havent had a problem since.


lorieholtz - November 24

hi brooksidefarm,
ohh how i can relate to this all of a sudden i started to have feet pain. matter of fact it even caused to to fall once. let me ask you this do you notice any hip pain. like at nite while sleeping i would have hip pain from laying on my side and i would find myself all nite switiching from one side to another. well my dr gave me injections in both hips and now the feet pain is gone as well. i hope this helps u.


solanadelfina - December 5

Thank you, brooksidefarm, for starting this thread. I went to go see my guardian angel doc and he sent me to their podiatrist a few days later, and the fibro let plantar fasciitis in the back door to party. He suggested buying some insoles called SuperFeet which are stiffer instead of spongy and have GREAT support. Between this, wearing shoes indoors (grrrrr...) and stretching and icing, my foot pain levels have plummeted. I might not have thought to get this checked out otherwise, so I thank you for it.

On another note, I finally won the stool battle at work. After a rough day I drafted a two page complaint letter and sent it to HR at our HQ. Two days letter I get a call from HR, and she said that I did need the ADA paperwork but could do restricted duty in the meantime. (Especially now with the plantar fasciitis.) She talked to my manager, and he gave me all the paperwork I needed and was all nice and helpful now that he had permission and knew what to do. Never give up for something that you need!


Canada17 - December 6

I am so happy to hear that you have found some relief. I know how difficult it can be to work on your feet all day.

What wonderful news that your manager is now willing to get you the things you need. Undoubtedly, Your comfort will increase your productivity. Yay for you standing up for your allowance to sit down! ;) hehe

I am happy to know that this site has helped you with your symptoms. It is so important for us to be proactive about our care, given how little is really known about FM.

Here's to happy feet for you!


Wiccad - December 8

I have the same foot problems. My pain starts first thing in the morning and get's worse through the day. My feet and ankles swell so much I cannot put socks or shoes on. And my mother and I went to a place called The Good Feet Store and had orthodics made for my feet for almost 300.00 and I still can't walk. But I also have Rhumatoid Arthritis as well as Fibro. Sorry no resolve from this sufferer.



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