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Foot Pain Help
22 Replies
brooksidefarm - November 19

OK. Like everyone my pain is here, there everywhere, a guessing game. The bottoms of my feet often hurt, but for the last week I cannot get a break. It is as if I have been hit with a bat and have dozens of bruises on the bottoms. If I sit for 20 minutes or so, standing is an exercise in torture. Yesterday walking was nearly impossible. I wear shoes in the house all day - which I hate - but that seems to improve it. I had platform sandals this summer that helped, but I am in Northern Illinois and platform sandals are over until June. It seems that getting more shoe between me and the floor helps. When I wake up in the morning, standing is killer, and walking for the first 15 or 20 minutes terrible.
This has happened before for a day or so, but I am going on 8 days now and am at a loss. Any suggestions?


Canada17 - November 19

Dr. Scholl's has some great products to help alleviate foot pain. You could try an insert until you have an opportunity to see your doctor, he/she may send you for orthotics.


Fantod - November 19

You should see someone right away to determine if you have Plantar Fascitis. It is common among people with FMS. The correct doctor would be a podiatrist perferrably with a sports medicine background. Not treating this condition can result in permanent damage to the tendons in your feet. Plantar Fascitis is treated with an anti inflammatory and usually an orthotic will have to be made. Any backless shoe should be avoided as it will further aggravate the condition. Take care.


iliveinpain - November 19

I saw a podiatrist for this same thing years ago, way before I was even diagnosed with fibro. He thought the pain was radiating from the tightness in my calf muscles. I did tons of gentle stretches over the next few weeks, and it improved. The tightness was pulling on the muscles throughout the soles of my feet. I still get this from time to time, but when I stretch, it improves. Also, I must wear a good support shoe, flats and sandles pretty much kill my feet. Not saying this is what you have, but it's worth investigating. Makes sense since we have muscle tightness all over our bodies, and that includes the bottoms of our feet. Try it out and see how it goes for you. Just do it very slowly, you don't wanna overdo it. Good luck!


ptalana - November 19

Hi brooksidefarm, I'm so sorry that you are experiencing such pain. I agree with Fantod that it's extremely important to see a podiatrist asap. The very fact that it's lasting so much longer (8 days) would suggest that the problem is progressing.
Please let us know how things work out.
Take care, Patty:)


brooksidefarm - November 19

Thanks. Looks like another thing for my docs. I am seeing my md in two weeks anyway, so he can refer me. Thank you again. (PS- You know what sucks? I loooove boots of all kinds and it is boot season!)


Fantod - November 19

brooksidefarm - I would not wait on this problem. I have permanent tendon damage in one foot because I could not get into to see my podiatrist soon enough. I'd strongly suggest that you see what you can do to get an appointment immediately. Take care.


solanadelfina - November 19

Hmmmm, I've been having a similar problem lately. Register work has been agony, but my managers won't let me use a stool until I have the ADA paperwork filled out by my doctor for them. (Yesterday it was so bad I hopped on the counter for a few seconds just to get off my feet.) A few nights ago, I tried soaking my feet for a bit and it helped while in the water, but came back right after.

I do stretches every day, but I'll add that calf one on the steps and keep an eye on it. I want to keep bellydancing and want no permanent damage either.


Noca - November 19

I got my shoes fitted with the most expensive pair of Dr. Scholl's gel inserts I could find. It helps a lot though I'm still in pain.


luvzminis - November 20

Wow--can I relate!
I buy the (soft, lavender-colored) shoe arch supports from Wal-Mart, which are found in their footcare section. I also add the air pillow insoles, (Wal-Mart has a cheaper, generic one), and also buy the stretchy bands which lift up the arch. I do have a very high arch, and don't know if you do, but it helps me.

Also, make sure you are wearing a good quality running shoe, which is lightweight and doesn't weight down the foot. Famous Footwear has several styles and I like the ones which feel like "springs" as it gives the foot a lift.

I also soak my feet in very warm water to limber them up, and in winter (I'm in cold MN), I wear wool socks and sometimes even 2 layers of socks, or something like a cotton sock or nylon sock underneath the wool one. I try to massage my feet when they're warm and clean which helps to limber them. Changing shoes throughout the day helps sometimes, too.

I also drink tonic water with quinine if I get foot/leg/toe cramps, and make sure I'm drinking enough water and getting enough calcium.

I take 2 malic acid with magnesium tablets a day which I get from Puritan's Pride (, I believe) I've heard that FM often includes a shortage of magnesium, and I do believe it has helped my pain a lot.

Best of luck and God bless!


michelle J - November 20

my feet are the same way when i get up inthe night to go to the bathroom I feel like I'm going to fall the pain is so bad . I find that having the extra arch supports in my shoes ALL day seem to help a little bit but I have to put the shoes on as soon as I get up and leave them on until the end of my work day . without the extra support forget it!


cprruby - November 20

I also have foot pain. Every time I get up at night and in the mornings, I have trouble walking. I exercise my feet every morning before getting up and it takes about 30 to 45 mins to work it out. The other day it lasted all day and my right leg was swollen. I am not able to wear any shoes with a heel on it. I can not find any dress shoes for work so I have been wearing skechers to work. It doesn't look too good but the way I feel, I don't care. It seems to be getting worse so with all the replies you got I am going to get my feet checked and I suggest you go get your feet check too.
Take Care


Canada17 - November 20

My feet always hurt when I get out of bed in the morning - they get better after walking on them for a few minutes and then get progressively worse throughout the day.

I have fallen arches and I had surgery on my left foot to remove a bunion when I was 18.

I don't wear heels higher than an inch, and only to work or special occasions, otherwise it's a good pair of running shoes.

My feet always hurts after doing our weekend shopping trip - or after being on them for a couple hours. They usually start to swell if I'm on them for most of the day. Very weird feeling; they feel hot and tight.


Jaynie774 - November 20

Hi brooksidefarm! I know exactly what you mean. I live in madison WI and The cold wheather is setting in an my feet kill me everymorning! I purchased a pair of Memory Foam Slippers with a hard bottom from Smartfoot,com and I live in them due to my sandles had to be retired for the season due to our "four" seasons climate changes. i have recently bought another pair just so I can wear out two instead of one. I also was told by my Rhuemy who specializes in FMS to give Crocs a try. He claims his other paitients love them. Hope these hints are helpful. Tak Care & Stay warm & dry ;)-Jaynie


Fantod - November 20

No one wtih Plantar Fascitis should wear Crocs. They are basically a sandal with little or no support. Plantar Fascitis requires a shoe that is fully enclosed not backless or a strap. The foot must be properly supported. Take care.


michelle J - November 21

sketchers is one of the worst shoes they are heavey and hard , most of them have NO arch supports, nikes also dont have the best support I find the NEW BALANCE491 seem to be very very helpfull and when they wear down I get the arch inserts


bbass - November 22

my massage therapist recommends a stretch for plantar...sit down and relax. have a strechy or long rope/scarf/rubberband that reaches to feet. lift one foot up with band on ball of foot and holding other side of band in your hand, make taunt. While holding band, slightly press foot down. leg should be straight out from body, do for a little bit then change to other foot. hope that makes sense...and hope I explained it right. anyhow, she says it stretches calf and helps with the plantar however you spell the f thing.



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