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foot pain
5 Replies
Bill A. - May 9

Are feet affected by fibromyalgia? All of a sudden the bottom of my feet are so tender that I can hardly walk, especially at night. It is the tendons, if I flex my foot when sitting, I can feel something snap on the bottom of my heel.


Amy - March 8

My feet are very tender as well. I have special inserts for my shoes (because of an injury about 3 years ago to an ankle), but both my feet have been hurting so bad I feel like I'm limping. I don't know if it's due to fibromyalgia, but I wouldn't be surprised as I am hurting all over right now.


Laila - March 8

I think it must be because I have had this exact problem. I wake up to go to the bathroom and can hardly walk due to stiff feet. I don't have that trouble during the day at all. I don't know anything about flexing your foot when sitting. That may be unrelated, who knows.


Kelly - April 24

I know this is a couple of months past this post, but I had very bad feet problems when I first having symptoms of fibro. It is probdably due to fibro. I used to have burning, tingling, and swelling. I wear Dr. Sholl's shoes and they have helped a lot. There is not as much pressure when I walk and they also have some very cute shoes. I get mine at Walmart.


Pam - May 2

Dear Bill: Yes, feet are affected and that is one of the areas where my FMS started was the soles of my feet hurting and very stiff. I lost weight which helped tremendously, wear shoes with good support, soak your feet in Epsom Salt & rub them down in Aspercreme and apply heat when needed. Try stretching your feet out in the a.m. before you hit the floor to loosen them up. Praying for you.


Donna - May 9

You might have plantar fasciitis. I have foot pain also and have had it for at least 2 years. For awhile I could hardly walk. My feet hurt mainly on my heels but if I stood or walked a lot my whole foot hurt. I had therapy (did absolutley nothing). I went to a foot doctor and he gave me injections which may have helped a little. Also, wear 2 to three inch heels (wedge type), it puts your foot in a more relaxed position. (I like barefoot brand)Opposite to what most people think, when your foot is in a pointing position the muscle in your arch is more relaxed (check it out by flexing your foot). My doctor said never to walk barefoot, ever. Also take anti inflamatory meds if your stomach can take it (mine can't). My feet are not totally better but they are so much better than they were. I also have a pain in the from of my right foot. It feels like it is broken. Most of the time it goes away but for the past couple of weeks it just won't leave. I think I am having a major flare up as everything hurts right now. Good luck to you all.



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