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Foods you eat
4 Replies
Karkel - December 18

Has anyone fiqured out what foods make you feel worse and what foods make you feel better ? What to avoid etc....


Fantod - December 18

Everyone is different but most people with FMS have problems with artifical sweetners, and anything that contains nitrates (lunchmeat, bacon and red wine).

Past that point, our individual immune systems may react to something that doesn't bother another FMS patient. I had a special test (Elisa/ACT - you can find in on the Internet) done using bloodwork. I was having terrible leg pain which was being attributed to my back problems. The thinking was since I have so many problems with medication, there must be something else going on that we did not know about.

The test revealed (among other things) that I am wildly allergic to #5 green food colouring. It was triggering my immune system (hence the leg pain) but not giving me a rash or any other obvious sign of an allergy. The green food colouring was in my shaving gel which I was using every day. Hot shower, open pores, poisoning myself and not even being aware of it.... Once I got rid of that shaving gel things improved. I had problems with other stuff too (green and balck tea, garlic etc) and had no idea. That is just one example. Since your health problems were triggered by breast implants, this is a test that you might want to consider. Take care.


Karkel - December 19

Thank you...where did you say I could find the test ? My worst pain is in my LEGS ..OMG ! They did two test for blood clots also I have had xrays of the legs..I can barley bend down to sit on toliet.also my legs feel bruised all the describe my fibro I would say LEG PAIN and being tired all the time. I'm not depressed not at all...besides the pain my life is great !


Fantod - December 19

Karkel - We can not post websites or links on this page. Google Elisa/ACT and the information should come up. Good luck to you.


Fantod - December 19

And, I forgot another important point. Get tested for gluten sensitivity. The most accurate result is obtained using a stool sample. Many people with FMS are gluten sensitive (me) without full blown Celiac Disease. This can also cause widespread pain. Take care.



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