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Food Sensitivity?
12 Replies
bmcgovern - February 18

I am so sensitive to so many foods. I have tried reintroducing some of the foods into my diet and i still get so sick from them. Like a few days ago i reintroduced Ribs back into my diet and withing a few hours after i ate it i felt like i was going to puke the rest of the night. I didn't go to sleep until 4:00am that morning because of severe stomach pain. Ribs use to never bother me before. Sometimes i wonder if i should just be a Vegan or Vegetarian. I really hate food sometimes. Has anyone else tried reintroducing certain foods that had a bad reaction also?


solanadelfina - February 19

Yes, I remember one time shortly after my diagnosis I was feeling angry and rebellious. (This was after the sugar thing kicked in.) I decided that I wanted to go get some orange chicken, one of my favorites, and hang all the consequences.

Well, I'm not exactly certain how much sugar was in there, but I got so sick to my stomach that I was HOPING that I would throw up. My rules are there for a reason. On a happier note, Panda Express sells their orange sauce (YAY!!) and it has a low enough sugar content that I can eat it without consequences. (Double yay!)


Canada17 - February 22

It is so interesting to me that you mention Ribs as a problem. Thank you for sharing it because I thought it was just me!

I love my husband's ribs. I've never really eaten ribs because they always cause me stomach problems. Well on Super Bowl Sunday I decided I would have some since I hadn't had any in a while and maybe the problems were before exacerbated by having all kinds of other stuff I shouldn't have been eating in my system in the past.

Well, the following three days were filled with bloating, gas, constipation, and cramping. No more ribs for me!

I would love to know what it is about ribs that cause this problem. They were pork ribs, but I can eat pork chops and bacon with no problems. I guess there must be something in that part of the pigs body that doesn't agree with us. So strange!


bmcgovern - February 22

I am not sure if it's the meat or the Bbq sauce. The bbq sauce is sugary and the tomato in it is acidic. That's the only thing i can think of that could cause it. But it could be the meat also. I have noticed lately that when i eat a bit of meat i feel sick after and i am not sure if it is cause my body can't break down the meat properly. I am so bummed i can't eat ribs tho they were my favorite food. :(


Canada17 - February 22

The sauce could have something to do with it though changing the sauces doesn't result in a different effect. No matter what we put on the ribs, I can't eat them. We've even tried cooking them and having the sauce separate so that I didn't have the problem.

No use...seems to be the meat. : (


bmcgovern - February 22

That sucks. I am thinking it is just the meat to. The ones i ate were pork and still makes me sick and seems to have that full feeling for a long period of time to. I really can't eat very much meat it makes me sick even eating a little to much.


bbass - February 24

Thats interesting about the ribs. Does anyone get the same feeling from pork roast? Pork Roast Kills Me! Really, takes days to get it out of my system and am not well until it is gone. Bummer, I really like pork roastf


tnichel - February 24

I can't stand the smellof ribs! You guys aren't alone. I rarely eat them but they don't make me sic. Just the smell.


Canada17 - February 25

I can eat any other kind of pork, it's just the ribs that get me. My husband's theory is that maybe the bone marrow is causing it but I can eat pork chops so I don't know...


bmcgovern - February 26

I can eat any other pork but ribs to. Other pork agrees.


Canada17 - February 26

So weird! lol


Paramax166 - January 30

I have had fibromyalgia since childhood. I am also blessed with a sensitivity to Red Dye, now add to that a sensitivity to walnuts, pistachios & cashews. My family frequently gets smoked pork ribs from our local deli. I haven't been a big rib fan so I usually eat something else, however, the past couple of weeks I have eaten them as well and all 4 four times I have been sick the next day with unrelenting nausea and ? GI bleeding, which is how I feel after eating the nuts. Since I have made the connection I've been trying to figure out what could be causing the reaction. I eat pork loin, chops, ham & bacon without any problems. I do not eat any sauce on my ribs. I even called the deli to see if they smoked the ribs using wood from a "nut" tree, but they didn't "think" they used anything special. None of the listed ingredients jumped out as a possible cause, so I too am left wondering what it is about the smoked pork ribs that I does not agree with my immune sysytem.
I should mention that I have a family history of celiac sprue and we recently discovered that my older brother has had a wheat allergy fro many many years that has gone undiagosed and is now wheat free. I haven't noticed any problems with wheat/gluten myself.


January - January 30

Hi paramax - you may not have any "obvious" problems from gluten - but you should get checked for celiac disease. There's a blood test, not always reliable. Celiac or sprue can be "silent" for many years as it slowly kills off the cells in your small intestine. Meanwhile, you are not absorbing nutrients your body needs to repair itself. You can end up with any number of debilitating and permanent diseases, so if you have relatives with this disease (which can be fatal) you might want to get checked?

As for the remarks about ribs -- it's interesting that so many religions have dietary laws that forbid eating pork. Maybe they knew something we have forgotten?



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