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Food Sensitivity?
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bmcgovern - January 10

I am very sensitive to a lot of foods. I do not eat dairy, red meat, gluten, greasy foods, sugar. I get very sick from these foods. I have lost weight ever since i cut these foods out. I am trying to gain some weight back, but i do eat really healthy i try to eat as much vegetables as i can. I can't have any fruit the acid in them kills my stomach. I have made a log everyday of what i eat and how it agrees with me. I do put the food in there that makes me sick which helps to not eat that anymore. Does anyone else have a really sensitive stomach to a lot of foods? I pretty much can handle Crackers, Blan Cereal, White Meat, Rice,Veggies, Potatoe Bread and some other stuff but very limited in what i can eat. If anyone has any suggestions on what to eat that is easy on the stomach that would be great.


Fantod - January 11

I just had a special test done to try and determine why I have a raging case of GERD most of the time. My doctor felt sure that I must be allergic to a lot of food. The test is manufacturered by Elisa/ACT Biotechnologies. You can find them online. The test is done using bloodwork but it requires that you follow all of the instructions prior to the blood draw to the letter. Nothing complicated and the lab must use the materials that Elisa provides to draw the blood. There are several different components that you can chose to test. I went with a large assortment of food and molds. That cost me $250. The test is not covered by any insurance.

It turns out that I am not allergic to food but rather the additives used as preservatives in food and also beauty supplies. I also had a very strong reaction to black tea, two types of green food colouring, household pesticides and a specific form of mold. Now I have to scour my pantry and medicine cabinet and get rid of anything that contains ingredients that are triggering my immune system and stomach. I felt that spending the money was very worthwile as I may not have to surgically attached to Zantac forever. Zantac or any other acid reliever is actually bad for you on a long term basis. It destroys the acid you need to digest food and which also prevents an overgrowth of bad bacteria in your colon. I'm hoping that I can get off of Zantac all together or at least cut it down to ocassional use.

My next step is being tested for gluten sensitivity which I am always harping about. The test kit from EnteroLab (online too) arrived today. The most accurate results are obtained using a stool sample. This test is $124 including shipping both ways. I will be curious to find out if I do have a sensitivity to gluten. Personally, I don't believe that I do but I would rather know for sure if that is part of my health issues.

I would encourage you to consider doing one or both of these tests. In my case, using a shaving gel with green food colouring was apparently causing me big problems. There were no overt symptoms like a rash or anything else. Apparently whatever effect it was having on me was all internal. Just something to think about. Take care.



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