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foam matress
3 Replies
bellabella - June 27

Hello i'm new and was diagnosed with FM two days ago.. what a relief it was to know that there was indeed something wrong and that i was not making it all up anyhow, that's by the by as what i really wanted to talk about and give thanks for was my memory foam mattress.

My son bought me this mattress about 3 months ago and to be honest I give thanks for it every single day. It has made such a difference to my life as i now SLEEP i am in much much less pain and the awful feelings of fatigue have lifted to copable levels, in fact i almost feel like a human again and. Now i am able to manage my condition much better as i am starting off from a much better place every day and it's all down to this mattress Life before this mattress is now just a painfull memory. If i wake up in the night now, it's because the cat or dog has jumped on me and not because my legs have gone numb, or my chest hurts, or my arms have got pins and needles, or my kneck has a crick, or my back feels like someone shoved a knife in it, or any number of complaints.. in three months, i've only woken up once with a bout of sciatica compared to having to go through an hours morning ritual of walking the damn feeling of sciatica out.
I used to think it was normal to have aching ribs in the morning but i don't get that any more. I could go on and on but then you might all think i was on commission for foam matress sales.. lol

No seriously, if you can get on of these mattresses do so, it would be the best investment you could ever make to your health.. but don't get a cheep one, that's defeating the object and you wont get the benefit.. go for either top of the range or middle range..

Does anyone else on here share my experience of foam mattresses?



Beone - June 28

hi bellabella
sounds good, my wife and i have just been talking about getting a foam mattress what brand did you get,
i would love to try one we live in New Zealand i hope we can get them here.
love Beone,


bellabella - June 28

Hi Beone.

If you can get one you'll wonder how on earth you ever managed without one.

I'm living in the UK so i'd imagine you wouldn't be able to get the same brand as i have here which is by a company called Ergo-flex. I've a double mattress would normally cost about £700. but it was on sale for £400. At first i nearly fell off my chair over the price, i'd never normally be so indulgent over such an expense but my son insisted on getting it for me and from the first nights use i woke up thanking the lord that he was able to get it.

My son did a lot of research into these mattresses before buying as they do vary in price from quite cheep up to extremely expensive such as the Tempura brand ( being a bit scientifically minded my son went into all sorts of factors about these mattresses such as the pressure they can take per square inch and all that sort of thing ) The general consensus of what he found was that here in uk the top brands down to middle range were much better.. in effect, you do get what you pay for.

I'm sure that with a bit of net surfing you'll be able to find one suitable for you.. I suggest that initially you could google ergo flex to see what sort of quality you should be aiming for and then try and find one that with the same comparison in NZ - actually here is a thought, if you contact ergo flex they might even be able to help you track on down. perhaps they are a world wide company under a different name over that side of the world.

One thing though, i've read a few post here about people using electric blankets, which i used to do but with foam mattresses you cannot do that as it is the heat from your own body which allows the foam to mould exactly around you and fit you perfectly.. I guarantee with a foam bed, if you do wake up in the night, it won't be because your in pain.. the foam evens out all the pressure so no part of your body is under strain.. you will have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning but that's because it's so comfy, you just won't feel like getting up!



fibromite.u.k. - June 28

Hi, I would say to anyone thinking of buying a foam mattress, that if you can possibly afford it, then go ahead and buy one. I have had one for nearly five years now and it has been such a blessing. I used to have so much pain when laying in bed that I had to keep getting out and walking about. I used to feel like there was no covering on my bones, they hurt so much. Now it is luxury to lay on my mattress. I am in the U.K. and it is worth noting that if you are registered as disabled, you can get the VAT taken off the price of one of these mattresses. They do tend to be rather warm when it is very hot, but I find that just putting a soft duvet over the mattress sorts that out. I would also recommend an adjustable bed, I got both the bed and the mattress together, and now wonder how I ever managed without them. I suffer from very bad heartburn, and used to have to prop myself up against the headboard and then it was too uncomfortable to sleep. Now I can raise the head of my bed and usually go off to sleep like that.



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