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FMS without neck and shoulder pain??
13 Replies
Kim - July 21

I have been living in constant achiness now for the past 3 years. I have been doing some research on this and my Dr. thinks this is probably my problem but I do not have pain in my upper body. Its in the back and arms and legs mostly. I am not in excrutuating pain but my body aches 99% of the time. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who knows anything. thanks


Cheryl - May 4

Constant achiness was my #1 complaint, yet all my bloodwork came back fine time and time again. When I started to read about systemic candida yeast, some of the symptoms were achiness, insomnia, chronic fatigue, migraines, brain fog, sugar cravings.......ALL symptoms I had! I totally eliminated all yeast, wheat and sugar to see if I noticed a difference, and in 2 days, I woke up without any aches!! It was so amazing! It's not like I was 100% better, but 75%, at least. I bought a book on line called The Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook 2nd edition by Jeanne Martin from Amazon, and it explained everything I could and could not have as well as additional supplements to help fight the overproduction of yeast living in my body. They had eaten small holes in my intestines and caused undigested food particles to leech into my body and basically poison me. Just do a search online to read about candida. I never had the obvious symptom--itchy crotch! It's a shame I had to diagnose myself, candida doesn't show up in blood tests, you have to have a stool/urine sample. I suppose I could insist on it, but don't really need to know anymore. I'm sure it's my problem because I feel so much better! I've been following a very boring diet of vegetables & whole grains for 2 weeks, it's a long process, but yeast is very hard to kill. Starving them of their life-giving sugar is 75% of it. It's not a permanent way to eat, just until my balance is corrected. I have supplements coming in the mail soon. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose, right?!


arvee - May 5

Hi Cheryl

When you eliminate sugar, is it just white sugar or sugar in any natural form like in fruits like banana ?

Thanks for your update.


Cheryl - May 5

It's ALL forms of sugar, nutrasweet, splenda, fruit sugar, anything that TASTES sweet is bad. The only fruit I can have are lemons & limes!! There are different diets depending on how severe you perceive your yeast problem to be. Achiness every single day, I believe, makes mine pretty serious. Research it on the net and see if your symptoms match. Maybe yeast fungus is the cause of a lot of problems. Eventually I'll be able to go back to fruit, because it has so many vitamins, I'd hate to miss out. My cravings for cake and candy have lessened. Not eating that kind of stuff trimmed my waistline considerably too! There are anti-fungal prescription meds like Diflucan and Nystatin, but they can harm your liver, and the book said starving the yeast and using safer fungal remedies is better. I'm waiting for caprylic acid, oil of oregano, grapefruit seed extract, & berberine capsules via mail. I was on birth control for 16 years and feel that's how the yeast took over. It really makes sense, and feeling the difference is all the evidence I need. Good luck!


arvee - June 9

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks once again for your detailed answer. I am not anti-candida diet for sometime now indeed notice the improvement. I have also quite white rice (and that seemed to be the culprit) and eat brown rice. It has helped me a lot. I have noticed a distinct pattern of poor-sleep (tend to wake up several times in night) and muscle stiffness and soreness the next day. Anti-candida diet did improve my sleep as well as symptoms. Thanks to you, I would not have seen the connection. Although I have quit all milk products, I am taking plain home-made yogurt, as lactobacillus acidophylus help fight candida. By the way you must have tried its really very impressive and I learnt a lot from there.

Best wisheh


Cheryl - June 13

Hey Arvee! Glad to know you feel better. I was strictly on the veggie/brown rice diet for 5 weeks and I felt 80% better. I woke up with no aches, I felt like I was floating! I thought it was safe after that length of time to eat a scrumptous apple cinnamon muffin from the farmer's market, and also enjoyed a handful of cherries. The next morning, I felt like I'd been run over by a bus! I was so upset and felt lousy ALL day!! I'm considering gets prescription anti-fungal drugs like Nystatin or Diflucan, which sites recommend. I knew diet alone wasn't going to kill all my candida problems, but drugs are sometimes scary. We'll see, but for now, I'm back to all healthy eating and no muffins! I'm going to miss the watermelon this summer, but I know I'll just feel crappy if I eat it! Take care!


arvee - June 15

Hi Cheryl ! Glad to know about your improvement. I am also noticing slow but steady improvement. Last two days my muscles (especially my right thigh.....thats where I have more problem) showed some stifness and I guess this could be dieoff reaction. But overall my walking capacity has increased. I am keeping a detailed diary of pain(soreness, stiffness, limping), weather(pressure, temp, humidity) food (everything that I dump in my gut) and quality of sleep. Watch out for it fosters mold in the house and could trigger an allergic reaction. Get rid of all the mold and moss.

About anti-fungal medications like nystatin and difulcan you may be interesed in reading the following passage from

Diflucan (fluconazole), an antifungal synthetic drug, is found to be effective against systemic (in the blood) Candida overgrowth. It is ten times stronger than Nystatin, but it also more toxic to the liver. If Diflucan is used longer than a couple of weeks have your doctor test and monitor your liver enzymes. When you have symptoms of depression or any mental imbalance, Diflucan can give you a jump-start on eradicating the fungus. I recommend taking one Diflucan pill (4 pills total), every other day for the first week and then switching to Nystatin because it is safer and can be monitored better. Unlike Diflucan, Nystatin permeates the areas of the GI tract where yeast overgrowth usually originates and it is essential to tackle both the blood and the gut in a chronic or severe case.

you faced any dieoff symptoms ? If yes could you please tell me what exactly they are ? Have you noticed the pressure and humidity changes and their effects on pain and stiffness. Please keep me updated about your progress. I shall do the same.

Best wishes


Cheryl - June 20

Hey Arvee! I just finished making my work lunches for the week. It's a lot of cooking. Broccoli & butter (the only dairy I can have), brown rice pasta with cooked tomatoes, onions & garlic, and a cup of yogurt (didn't have to cook that). I eat one item every two hours rather than all at once. Don't know why I had to tell you that, I'm just running my mouth! Anyway, thanks for the info on Diflucan & Nystatin, I just made the appt. to see the dr. next week to get them. He'll probably make me do stool testing first because most drs. find the self-diagnosis of candidis hard to believe. I expected the die-off, but didn't feel any. I suspect because I haven't used scripts yet, only diet changes. The die-off may be too sutle. I don't really notice changes in temp with pain. I still take Ultram, though less of it, (25-50 mg.) and it works well for me. I'll let you know how the fungal meds work. Take care!


arvee - June 30

Hi Cheryl !
I hope you are improving and doing fine.
I am sorry I am keeping busy with a lot of things and hence could not get back. I am noticing a steady improvement but there are flares in between (mostly when I end up eating white rice as I didn't have time to cook at home). Sometimes even if I skip a meal i get problems. I have noticed a clear pattern of wrong food--> terrible sleep ----> stiffness and pain next day. Also when I eat wrong food, I feel numbness and in fingers and toes when I go to bed and it hurts whatever side I sleep in fetal position. I am not taking any anti-fungal medicine. About Lactobacillus supliments I have been told to take them only after one gets rid of all the yeast. Do you have any idea about this ? Do you take any probiotic ?

Did you get results of your stool test for candida ? do let let me know about your improvements.

Best wishes


Cheryl - July 3

Hey Arv. I've also been on healthboards under Alternative Medicine with the name Pig Lover. I take Acidophilus every day, one or two. I also take nutraflora which is similar, but powdered. I found a sugar substitute that's allowed according to Ann Boroch called Stevia. It's not an artificial sweetener, and can be used by diabetics and yeast fighters! It's great in my coffee, which I refuse to give up. Best price so far is at I also got Oil of Oregano in capsule form from there for when I am done with my Nystatin in a month. Still on Diflucan for a few days, then I start Nystatin. And the diet still, of course. I know what you mean about cheating. I had several pieces of cheese the other day, and got a headache 15 minutes later. Brown rice pasta tastes like regular pasta and is a nice change the rice form. This battle can take 6 months or more from what I read. Not eating sugar really trimmed my waist down though. If anyone wants to lose belly fat, it's the sugar not the carbs that are causing it! I'm dying for a piece of strawberry shortcake though! With TONS of whipped cream! I'll wake up miserable though, so I have to resist. I'll grab a handful of pecans and sulk somewhere. Later!


arvee - July 10

Hi Cheryl ! Thanks for your update and nice to know about your improvement. I too am steadily improving. Did you do any lab test for candida ? If so what is the result ? I am maintaining my diet and garlic is the only anti-fungal I have used so far. Do you use apple cider vinegar ? I got one pack from the market but lists honey and fructose in ingredients so I am afraid to take. Do you know of apple cider vinegar which does not contain sugar ? The problem is I am holed up in Taiwan where all the lables are in chinese and since hardly anybody knows English it becomes difficult to put things across.
I am going to hunt for ACV and oil of oregano.

Best wishes


Cheryl - July 18

Arv, in case you missed it, read back under General Discussion for the subject titled "Reply to ARVEE from Cheryl". This page wasn't working at the time I replied and I had to cut and paste it somewhere else.


arvee - July 28

Hi! I have posted in GD in response to your post.



sissy - July 21

uhu just a comment warning lemons contain as much sugar as a strawberry ok good luck



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