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fms tested-where do i go from here?
3 Replies
stevekc - September 30

just been told by rheumo that i don't have fms but could have cfs instead. he told me that cfs is the sister illness of fibro . the difference being that fibro is more muscle pain and less fatigue and vice versa have had to undergo recent blood tests on my heamogloben to find out if this could be the case,then further assesment by a cfs specialist in rheumo dept will ensue .i wondered if anyone can tell me if they know of any cfs forums as iam not sure if you will allow me to continuing using this forum after you hearing of my results


JJ1 - September 30

I don't think there are any restrictions for using this forum, as long as you follow the guidelines for being respectful, etc. I think my symptoms resemble cfs more than fms, but I do have some pain, but it is pretty rare. It was worse before I was diagnosed and put on Elavil, but now I am mostly suffering from fatigue and cognitive problems.


Robin1237 - October 4

Steve, I think all this is Lyme disease, a bacterial infection usually acquired from being bitten by an infected tick. The bacteria inflame our nerves and soft tissues. The disease can present as FM ir CFS or hundreds of other presentations, because it can mess up the body anywhere. Go read at You can ask Qs there and people will respond. They can also let you know where a Lyme testing and treating doctor is in your area.


megh - October 4

I think they are the same. If you tell the doc your more in pain it's Fibro but if you say more tired then its CFS. I took a self quiz and you know what I have CFS also. I came across an intersting artcle by a Dr. Ryll INFECTIOUS VENULITIS
From what I have read it is very intersting. sorry spelling not all that great these days. Actually I hate to say this but you're better of with the CFS if you are filing for disability. Shame for those of us who have the primary of Fibro.



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