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FMS Research Review--Natural Killer Cells (NKC)
12 Replies
Pikespeak - June 25

U just read the 18 page review written by the Colorado Fibromyalgia Center. They discuss Natural Killer Cells and suggest that everyone with FMS and CFS should know their number! Has anyone heard of this?


January - June 26

Yes, but not in relation to fibromyalgia! More in relation to infectious diseases and cancer…. Off to google and learn some more! Thanks for the info.

Um… what did the 18-page review say about their relationship to fibromyalgia??


January - June 26

I just googled "natural killer cells fibromyalgia" and got a lot of sites. One is a glyconutrientsreference website and I lifted this interesting remark from there:

"Professor Gerard Anderson of John Hopkins University states that close to half of the population in North America now suffers from at least one chronic disease, and many more suffer from more than one condition. The rate of increase in incidence of autoimmune and degenerative diseases is alarming, especially when we look at the dramatic rate of increase of these diseases in our children. Allopathic medicine has failed to halt this increase, and can only prescribe drugs with some very serious, and in some cases, life threatening side effects. In fact when we look at cause of death, properly prescribed, properly administered (in hospital) pharmaceutical agents, ranks as No. 4 behind strokes, cancer and heart disease."

Wow. I have been reading similar remarks about cancer - that the research focus is on drugs to treat symptoms, instead of on what's really causing cancer - possibly things like our unhealthy diets and toxic environments. Once again, corporate profits are involved and influence medical education and treatments, government policy (FDA) and advertising.

I was so incredibly sick 5-10 years ago, and the drs. were making me sicker. I did my own research, quit all the heavy duty drugs and Western treatments, and now I take a ton of supplements. Everyone's different, but this worked for me - I am so much better! I guess that's why I get on a soapbox sometimes… LOL : )


Pikespeak - June 26

Hi Janury! You can read the review via the Colorado Fibromyalgia Center. The way I read it, the higher the NKC score, the more you can fight off disease. I also read that if one has chronic pain, there is a correlation between pain and getting cancer. One of the aspects of their treatment is to boost your immunity, through diet, minerals, etc. I am considering going for a consultation. Would like to have some feedback from the group on their methods...


January - June 29

Hi pikespeak - things here have been busy! Haven't had a change to google the Colo. Fibro. Ctr. yet. But I did some reading about interferon.

My note about any medical treatment is - approach them as you would any salesmen - Buyer Beware! until they prove themselves to you. Be careful, and do your own research, no matter how nice they are.

For me, taking vitamins, minerals and supplements has made me feel a lot better. I joined Life Extension. They send out a monthly mag. with a lot of good research, also a lot of advertising. They have a team of doctors you can consult with. I think they are strong on research. My only caution would be that if you call and consult with a "health advisor" you sometimes get a person who, though very helpful, will try to sell you as much as they can. If you join, you get a good discount on their products, and they say they have been checked out by the FDA (which tried to close them down - but after testing their products, found they were telling the truth about them.) They have been around for several decades and overall, I would give them a good rating.


Pikespeak - June 29

In looking closer at what type of treatment the Colorado Fibromyalgia Center offers, it appears that they work to boost your immune system, relieve pain and boost energy. Then they address how to enhance the function of the mitochondria, normalizing NKCs and cytokine levels.

They mention that many who suffer with FMS have an acidic diet. I did a little research on that and realized that my diet has been a very acidic one! So I am in the process of balancing alkaline and acidic foods in my diet. If you want to check it out, you can find lists on the Mayo Clinic site and other places (some want to sell you something), and some of the lists have conflicting foods. Still interesting!

I would really like to know if anyone has gone through this sort of regimen...It seems very different from the usual treatments!


January - June 29

Hi pikepeak, had time to look over the Co. FMS site. It looks very good actually. It is the first clear theoretical breakdown I've seen of the various subtypes of fibro and the causes linked to them. Obviously, each would require somewhat different treatment. Don't have time tonight to read the research on NKCs you referred to but I really liked what I saw on the site so far. Maybe I'll fly out! Let me know what happens if you go for a consult.

Also, I posted something months ago about acidic vs. alkaline diet. Had been reading a lot about alkaline diet being very healing. Bad stuff can't grow if your body is alkaline. One controversial treatment I read about was ingesting food-grade hydrogen peroxide. That gets oxygen into your body. Just a drop in a glass of water will do it supposedly. I tried it for a couple days, but may have been taking too much, didn't feel well so I quit. I thought the idea behind it was interesting though. And, yes, our Western diet is VERY acidic.

(But -- don't try this at home folks, without checking with your doctor!)


Pikespeak - June 29

Hi January! Just one thing about that article...on page 17, they mention another clinic, Fibro and Fatique Center. It's owned by a doctor who has several clinics in different cities. The two doctors at this clinic are competent in medicine, but their bios don't "seem" to have a background in treating FMS/CFS. That's troublesome. I haven't looked at the staff of the CO F Center....So how do we get some reviews of this place? I think it would be awesome if you came to Denver--but wait until it cools off (October is great).


January - June 30

Pikespeak, that's so interesting. I called Life Extension and talked to a dr. who was very interested in fibro (in his opinion fibro was mainly caused by Lyme Disease). He mentioned the fibro and fatigue clinics as being good - but I don't have any personal knowledge about what they do or how good they really are. Probably could search the web forums for info. That means googling various phrases and spending hours looking over all the links that come up!

I really do think it's important to boost the immune system and get those mitochondria working properly. It's a longstanding theory that there is some mitochondrial dysfunction that causes the fatigue. And I think our diets are very lacking in nutritive value, so we probably need supplements. The acidic factor is interesting too, and makes a lot of sense to me.

Had a few busy days, and I'm exhausted… hope you are enjoying the summer so far and have fun over the 4th! : ) Does your bookstore have an online presence?


Pikespeak - June 30

Thanks for asking! It has been beastly here (95) so I am enjoying our air conditioning! May watch the 4th on PBS--one of our daughters will be there for it. Our bookstore is Clausen Books (the only one I think). You'll find it! I'm not there that much right now--too hot!

And I'll get the name of the doctor that owns the Fibro and Fatigue clinics. He, himself has CFS.


Pikespeak - June 30

The website changed! Now it says the Medical Director is Dr. Teitelbaum. his FMS study is found at endfatigue dot com. They don't take insurance, but have some other sort of payment plan. I believe that the CO F Center does accept most insurances. Have a restful and cool 4th!


January - June 30

Got it! Thanks! I'm going to try to search your bookstore and send you an email. Perhaps Teitelbaum joined the clinics! He's been around for a long time, and his book was one of the first ones I read, ages ago! In fact, I started out using some of his recommendations. : )


Pikespeak - June 30

Check your junk mail--I sent you a message from my hotmail acct.



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