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FMS in men
5 Replies
eco22 - March 3

Hello. I am a male with what might possibly be FMS. I have been through so many test (MRI's, blood work, EMG, etc.) and everything has come back normal. This is frustrating, as I have widespread pain from head to toe. I to have tender spots, but in pressing on them, the pain is not excruciating. It is tender and sore, though. I also have spots that are outside of the designated Fibro areas. Other symptoms are fatigue, slight balance issues (especially when tired). I also don't sleep well. Another issue is that both my hands and feet ache. For some strange reason, my feet and back tend to ache more when standing still as opposed to moving around. Just wanted to see if anyone can relate to these issues and if it seems like FMS. My Rheumatologist is hesitant to say it is Fibro, especially since I am a guy. Any help/response would be appreciated. Thanks!


reply - February 15

hi, i am a man of 26 and have similar symptoms to. i was diagnosed with FMS 2 years ago,and from ur message it is likely u have it 2. Fatigue is a major concern for me too, but my most distressing symptom is dizziness. Like u, balance is a major concern for me.very debilitating...ur not alone!!
take care


AKFlyfisher - February 16

yes me too, have to hold onto the treadmill or elliptical machine as my balance is fair now that this illness took over my life. I used to bowhunt for years and cant hold my bow as steady anymore. I am 38 and have had this for 8 years now. I am on 50mg of Elavil at night for sleep and it helps you to stay asleep, but I still dream all night. It does help with my back pain as well. I litterally had to tell all my recent new doctors that I have FMS to get medications. I think if I had not done so, it would take years for another doctor to diagnose because they are too scared of a lawsuit or dont care at all, or just plain DUMB!!!! A lot of docs do not believe in the disease and dont want to wast their "time" seeing patients because the drugs do not work for everyone. I have tried several over the years and the ambien and lunesta drugs do not work at all. If your docs cant find anything wrong from tests, then you do have it and you need to tell him to prescribe you something. You can read more on this site, ConnectMD and even the Mayo Clinic's web site. There isnt much the docs can do for us, and the meds only work for some people. You need to excercise daily either walking, stretching, swimming or bike and take lots of vitamins and modify your diet the best you can. I have IBS as well. Good luck to you.


Al - February 28

Hi, I'm a 40yr old male in the military and was told I have FMS also. I get this slight balance issue at times also. I have tried to change my diet for the better. Currently I'm taking vitamin shots and they seem to help. Also stress, anxiety and weather can set this off. I'm told and from what I have read about FMS it shouldn't get worst then what you already have. Some people have it extremely bad others have mild spells that come and go. I have ran into people who have had it for many years and later it disappeared just like it came. I currently sleep on a memory foam mattress which helps a lot with my back and sleep. You have to learn how to control the pain and the things that makes them trigger. you're deffently not alone take care.


Evan - March 3

I am a male 56 and have fms. caused by a caf accident. Like you I have tender spots all over and have very tender hands. Accupuncture helps very little.


Jean - March 3

Just because you are a guy doesn't mean that you don't have fibro, ask pertainant questions and get them to talk to you about it and do some research for it will help you come up with more questions for the doc.



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