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FMS due to accident?
6 Replies
ptalana - February 17

Hi everyone, this is my first time on the site. Three years ago I fell down a flight of stairs at work trying to wipe up some melted snow, someone didn't clean off boots! I was almost killed, ended up breaking my hand and wrist, nose, ribs, small fracture in neck, thirteen stitches over my left eye, and severe concussion. Since I have developed double lumbar scholiosis, and extreme pain that hasn't let up. I now am unable to walk without assistance, a walker at home, wheelchair if we go anywhwere. It took me almost three years to have my doctor take me seriously, recently I fainted while driving home from work no-one was hurt but I ended up losing my licence, the vertigo isn't as bad as it was then it now comes and goes. My employer hasn't been supportive and have cut me off of disabiltiy, we are now suing. My surprise was the treatment that I received from my co-workers, kicking my stool from behind me, complaining about absences and telling my clients who were concerned about me that we are not talking about my accident anymore. We initially thought that I had developed MS, but after MRI showed no lessions my doctor said that he knew what I had developed, he had just finished a seminar and I exhibited all the symptoms of FMS. While we are relieved with the diagnosis I am concerned that because of my spinal injury the normal excercises and medications are not going to help me. Has anyone else developed FMS from a spinal injury?


13tracy13 - February 18

Fibo from injury is a theory I have read about. Keep doing your research, if you can find a Dr who supports this theory it could really help with your lawsuit. If I can find the articles I've read on it then I will post the links on here for you.
Good luck
I don't know why I have Fibro, for me there seems to be a family history even though I am the only one with a diagnosis. I also suffered a sever whip lash when I was younger which caused me a lot of problems.


Fantod - February 19

My Fibromyalgia was not caused by a back injury per se but a disc failure. L5 failed, leaving me with excrutiating pain for months. I am very intolerant of medication so finding something that helped the pain was impossible. By the time I resorted to alternative medicine the damage was already done. The disc failed in August 2006 and I was diagnosed with FMS in Jan of 2007.

It is going to take some time to find the right combination of medication to manage the FMS. It took me about 3 months and it can take longer.

Your co-workers and employer should be ashamed of themselves. They violated the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and created a hostile and unsafe work environment for you. I hope you have a lawyer that is as mean as a sun burned rattle snake.

I spent several months in physical therapy and that was a complete disaster. At that time, no one had figured out that I had developed FMS too. I figured that out on my own. I am not able to stand, sit or walk for any respectable length of time. I have learned to respect my limits and mothballed the superwoman suit. FMS requires a thick skin and the will to be your own best advocate when it comes to health care.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.


axxie - February 19

Fortunately for us, there is more research being done to figure out why we develop Fibro. I strongly believe that Fibro undertakes itself in people who have high stress load and accidents. At least that's my theory. I am sorry that you are being treated like a second hand citizen. It not only happens in the US but all over the countries. Being sick is a sign of weakness and human being general want to feel superior so they go after the weaker. The one thing I do know is that no matter what the policies are about injuries and disabilities it would seem it is written but no one applies it. I'm not sure how I started getting Fibro, but I do believe that injuries have something to do with it. I was also injured at work and my co-workers and the Canadian Government has not helped me, instead I am met with every barrier you can think of. So much so that my Director has harassed me while I work and has told me many times that as far as she was concern I was a mental problem. Turns out I don't have a mental problem what I have is no help from my Director and the Government of Canada. I am applying for disability, I hear one of the girls who is still trying to claim fibro has been fighting for four years, and still has not won her case. But that a man's disability of fibro claim will be almost accepted as face value. There is discrimination because we are women and because we have fibro or have developed Fibro as a result of many things and no matter how we fight it will be a long battle and we all better grow some very thick skin to get the courts to accept our claims. I feel for you. Good luck to you I hope you will be successful.


ptalana - February 19

Thanks so much for the encouragement!!! I have hired a very high powered law firm in Toronto our lawsuit has now grown to include three insurance companies who have unbelievably refused my disability claims. We are scheduled to have a discovery April 3, while I know that my employer being one of the top five banking institutions in Canada will no doubt have sharks for lawyers I am strong knowing that I have the truth and a ton of medical backup on my side.
My husband and myself have been doing alot of research on medications, right now I take six percocet, fentynol patch, pantoloc, gravol daily. Has anyone tried the medical marijuana as treatment? If so how is this working, any side effects?


13tracy13 - February 19

I googled "post traumatic fibromyalgia" and it came up with a lot of links regaurding fibro caued by injuries.


axxie - February 20

Hey ptalana, I hope it works for you with the lawyers. I'm having a medical review from Workers Comp on March 9th. Because I filed for workers comp when my accident happened at work. No one told me that if you used WCB that you cannot find the owner of the builder or the employer negligent, it doesn't make sense to me. Anyway, I have to gather all my documentation and be present to be looked at with a magnifying lenses. I'll let you know what happens, keep in touch with your review. Good luck to us all.



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