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FMS and High Altitudes
8 Replies
Pikespeak - August 22

Hi everyone! Yesterday, I took the train to the top of Pikes Peak (14,110 ft.). Last night I was absolutely miserable! I did a little research and made the connection that the lack of oxygen created the muscle pain last night. This may be something to consider if you travel/live in mountainous regions...who knew?


kvc33 - August 23

No surprise there.


valjoy - August 23

I did realize that high altitude could make the symptoms worse just like our barometric change in the weather, but I also know that damp and cold weather makes the fatigue and muscle pain worse. I have just had a lousy damp, wet and cold Winter here and have felt lousy for months now. Roll on the Summer.


junerd - August 23

It has a name and it is High Altitude Sickness. The ER people in Colorado Springs are very familiar with this problem. Especially if you come from a lower altitude and go up the Peak as soon as you arrive in town, it affects you more drastically. Muscle pain, nausea, headache, any or all are symptoms. My husband and I both suffered from this and my husband required oxygen for a while, shortly afterward he was diagnosed with COPD. So of course it hit him much harder.


Pikespeak - August 23

H Junerd!

Do you live in Colorado Springs too? I am familiar with the High Alitide Sickness, but this only came on after I was in bed, and only the muscle aches...I am happy to say it only lasted that one night!


kagicre - March 14

Hello, we moved to Colorado Springs 2 1/2 months ago (still living in a motel) and in the beginning my pain was worse than normal but what is worse I developed chronic cough, I am short of breath and coughing really bad nearly every day, so we are thinking to move away if my symptoms aren't getting better. Does anybody else got chronic cough due to fibromyalgia when they moved here or developed it here living in Colorado Springs or Denver? Thank you.


junerd - March 14

This is just a guess, based upon my experience. The altitude there is very dry; that, combined with all the fireplace smoke can make anyone with an autoimmune disease or allergies very miserable. I think you will find the spring and summer much better and I lived there for six years and adjusted after the first cycle of seasons. Have you tried anti histamines? I use Delsym myself and it helps the cough as well as the "wind up" of fibro pain. Good luck Junerd


kagicre - March 14

Yeah I tried anti histamines, no improvement. When I take mucus relief and that helps a little, but not much either. I never tried Delsym. Thank you for your reply


karefrei - March 23

You are right about air quality Junerd, smoke really bothers me.

kagicer, try herbal supplements. I was going to a Wellness Center for Accupuncture, while on a Herbal Detox I felt great during some crazy weather changes. After that I tried some Zyrtec that my doctor recommended with little relief. Then tried a (Yogi) Detox Tea with decent results. Added Ginseng twice a day and did even better. Still haven't found the perfect solution by myself, but that sure helps right now.

Used to have serious Post Nasal problems, no doctor prescibed anything that worked. Some treated me for just chronic cough or sinus. One doctor I lost track of prescribed Dura-Vent/A which worked great for both. Could never get another doctor to prescribe it. Later found that these tiny homeopathic pills work instantly for my Post Nasal issue, BOIRION hydrastis canadensis 30 c, and a lot safer to use.

Diet and supplements to help reduce inflamation and support your nervous system will be helpful, my mother swears by Inflamx.

When I was younger I remember having Altitude Sickness while skiing in Colorado, I had to stay on Pepto-Bismol the whole trip or I'd be in trouble. Thinking back, I wonder if these all where signs of fibromyalgia starting to play a role in my life.

Hope this helps.



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